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Dome Security Camera

Friday, April 1st, 2011

The dome security camera is one of the most popular types of digital video security camera in use today.  Thanks to modern technological advances a lot of electronic power can be packaged inside a small 3.5 inch diameter dome camera.  Not only are they small and powerful, but the average dome security camera is light weight as well (in most cases weighing just under one pound), which makes it easy to mount just about anywhere.

Today, there are three standard types of digital video camera based on shape; the box type, bullet type, and dome security camera.  How, what, and where the camera is used usually dictates the type, although user preference is also a factor.

Dome cameras originated from their older analog ancestors.  These cameras were often big and bulky and required a great deal more depth than today’s dome security camera.  Often, the older cameras were actually box cameras placed behind a wall or ceiling with the body of the camera extending into the wall space ith just the lens extending through a pre-cut opening.   A glass dome was then fixed over the lens to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  Blackened glass or two-way mirror glass was often used to conceal the lens, so that potential shoplifters, intruders, etc. would not know in what direction the lens was aimed.

Current dome security cameras are nothing like what is described in the previous paragraph.  Considering that the main components of a digital video camera are the lens, the sensor chip, and the Integrated Circuit (IC) electronics the largest part of the camera is often the lens which on the average is about 3.6mm in diameter.

A digital video dome security camera is a compact, highly sophisticated electronic piece of equipment.   The sole purpose of the camera is to transfer light images into electronic images that can be seen on an electronic display device such as a monitor.

It does this by first using a lens to focus the field of view onto a tiny sensor chip.  These chips range from 1/3 inch to about 1/2 inch square.  One of two different sensor ships is used.  Although the chips go about the process differently, both yield the same result; transferring light into electronic impulses that can be measured (and therefore used to create an electronic image).

The sensor chips are either a Charged Coupled Device or CCD or a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor or CMOS.  After the sensor chip converts the light image into an electronic impulse, the IC chips take over processing and digitizing the electronic information and passing it along to the Digital Video Recorder or DVR.

There are several types of dome security cameras based on how they function or where they are intended to be used.  Dome security cameras can be classified as indoor, outdoor, or indoor/outdoor types although most outdoor types today are the combination indoor/outdoor.  Indoor dome cameras are intended to be used inside, under protective cover from the weather and other elements.

Outdoor dome security cameras are protected by an outer shell or case that prevents water, snow, hail, or other damage to the camera itself.   These cameras are often rated according to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC’s) Ingress Protection or IP standard.   An IP rating of IP55 or higher is usually considered good.

Dome security cameras are usually flush mounted on a ceiling or wall, but may be mounted on special mounts that can range from peduncle type to horizontal extensions.  They require very little surface area for mounting, and can usually be mounted easily using from two to four screws.  The video transmission cable and the power supply cable usually attach from the underside of the mount or there are extensions exiting from under the mount such that the wires remain hidden and protected by the structure the camera is mounted on.

Dome security cameras may also work in InfraRed (IR) modes and the IR Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are normally clustered right around the camera lens.   This provides directed IR illumination in the exact field of vision of the camera lens.

Security Camera King offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor (as well as indoor/outdoor) dome security cameras.  Our cameras are of the highest quality and offer the best performance at the most economical price in the industry.


DVR Security System

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Security Camera King features a DVR security system that can fit every need and budget.   We have systems for four, eight, sixteen, and thirty-two channel applications, and we feature three different models of Digital Video Recorders or DVRs, each with its own unique array of standard features.

Most digital video security vendors prefer to sell the components of a DVR security system individually so they can reap the benefit of charging you a higher price.  Security Camera King offers complete packages that include not only the DVR but the cameras, video cable, power supply cable, camera power supplies and all the connectors.

The only item we don’t include in our DVR security system packages is the monitor.  We do carry a full line of high-quality, competitively priced monitors but we don’t include them in our packaged systems because so many people already have a monitor or simply don’t care to use one directly with their system.

Some of our competitors do offer what they call a “DVR security system” but it usually only includes the cameras and DVR.  Further, they offer you a standard system that they put together and you usually have to take it or leave it.  Security Camera King recognizes the fact that everyone’s digital video security design is unique and may not require the same components.  Therefore, we allow you to make changes and upgrades to “tailor fit” your system at a complete system package price (some changes/additions may include an additional charge).

Even though our systems offer professional, complete digital video security, our systems are so easy to install that you can do it yourself.  Should you encounter any difficulties along the way offer a full range of support services including security articles, security videos, and on-line knowledge base.  However, if these services aren’t enough, we also offer full live support of security experts that can help you design, install, set up, and use your DVR security system.  Our security experts can be contacted by telephone or via on-line live chat, whichever you prefer.

We offer six different DVR security systems that feature our entry level DVR, the Elite-Mini.  They include two different systems each for four, eight, or sixteen channels (i.e. cameras).  The two different systems for each channel category differ by the type of power supply and cables offered.  One package offers a space saving power supply with plug and play cables and the other package offers a power distribution box bulk cables and individual connectors.

Just take a look at all the features we offer in our entry level Elite-mini systems:

  • Four channel audio input;
  • Firmware upgrades by either by downloading directly from the Internet or by USB thumb drives;
  • HDMI, VGA, and BNC video outputs each with high definition displays;
  • H.264 the latest most efficient video compression format;
  • Recording CIF resolution on all channels at 30 fps while two channels are also capable of D1 (almost double the resolution of CIF) at 30 fps;
  • On Screen Display  (OSD) for set up and preference changes and includes an infrared remote control;
  • Playback of 4,8, or 16 channels (based on DVR channel capacity) at the DVR and 4 channel playback via the Internet;
  • A built in Web server with up to 10 simultaneous Internet or network users and Dynamic DNS support;
  • If  you connect the DVR to the Internet, the DVR can send you e-mail alerts and you can view and control your system with your Smart phone using our free apps;
  • FTP, HDD, or USB thumb drive backup options;
  • PTZ mouse control using a simple USB mouse;
  • Linux operating system, a high quality Digital Signal Processor or DSP and the DVR is network ready; and,
  • Each camera comes with a full 1-year warranty and each DVR comes with a full 3-year warranty.

Our Elite and Ultimate series DVR security systems include all of the above features and more.  These systems include a CD/DVD writer, support for multiple hard disk drives, video matrix output, and built in loop connectors that can allow you to output a specific camera to its own monitor.  Last and certainly not least, the Ultimate DVR records in real-time at 4 times the resolution of any other comparable standalone DVR in the digital video security system industry.

So if you are considering purchasing a DVR security system, consider Security Camera King we offer great prices and full technical support.