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School Security Systems

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

These days school security systems consist of a little bit more than just a truant officer of the 1970’s and before.   Thanks to always evolving technology and reduced prices, a digital video security camera system usually plays a big part in school security systems as well as maintaining order within the classroom.

Many schools have gone to total digital video with a camera with audio in every room.  This provides superior documentation in the event of a student disturbance.  Likewise, the “camera in every room” policy can not only protect teachers but can protect students as well especially by documenting teacher-student situations as they occur.

The whole idea of installing a digital video camera in every classroom is not as far fetched as it may seem.  After all, before the advent of cheaper yet higher quality digital video systems, most schools used an older method of communication; the intercom.

Today, we have the advantage of disposing of the intercom and using the digital video school security system.  Not only can the school’s front office communicate with the teacher (or student) in the room via two-way audio, but a video image can be seen at the same time.  Should there be any doubt as to an altercation between two students or between a student and teacher, the entire episode is captured and recorded on the Digital Video Recorder or DVR which is usually located in the front office.

There are a variety of digital video camera security systems that can be used as school security systems.  Security Camera King has an ample supply of equipment and down-to-earth reasonable prices.  To equip a school properly, all rooms should contain at least one camera.  This includes the cafeteria, gymnasium, band room, as well as each class room.

Typically, Security Camera King’s complete 32 channel Elite DVR security camera package will do the job.  If 32 cameras are not enough to adequately monitor the school, then more (4, 8, 16, or 32 camera) systems can be added until the optimum number is achieved.

Security Camera Kings 32 channel system is particularly useful in this situation.  First of all the unit comes with 32 420TVL infrared cameras.  This means you get 24/7 full coverage.  During the daylight hours the camera captures highly detailed color video and at nighttime when school is over for the day and the lights are out, the infrared (IR) technology is automatically switched on and video camera coverage continues.

However, it is not necessary to use all of the same cameras for the entire system.  For example, if you want to include surveillance of a parking lot, you could upgrade a camera to a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera.  A PTZ camera is an incredibly versatile camera that allows the user to move the camera horizontally (Pan), vertically (Tilt), or zoom in on an object.  In addition a PTZ camera usually has the ability to track and follow objects such as people and vehicles.  This would provide a good handle on who is approaching the school from the outside.

All of Security Camera King’s DVRs are internet ready, so when installing your system, don’t for get to supply the DVR with an active Ethernet Cat5 cable.  Once connected to the internet, the principal, superintendent, maintenance personnel  and any one else as necessary can be set up to monitor the entire system remotely from their smartphone.

Security Camera King’s school security systems are designed to be easy to install, so easy that a maintenance employee should be able to install the system with absolutely no problems.  However, should some sort of difficulty occur, our support team of security experts are readily accessible to help you every step of the way.

In fact, our security experts can be contacted on-line by using “Live Chat” or by telephoning 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM EST.  They will walk you through every step of the process from the very beginning to the very end, if need be.  They’ll even help you design your system to determine what kind of equipment, how many cameras you’ll need, and so on.

So if you’re looking for a solution for theft, burglary, vandalism, bullying, student discipline and documenting student to student or student to teacher behaviors a school security system sounds like just what the doctor ordered.  We’d love to help you upgrade your school security system, so please, contact us today.


School Surveillance and Security Systems

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

In the not too distant past, school surveillance and security systems were unheard of. The closest thing to school surveillance was probably an intercom speaker in each classroom and the security system might have been a truant officer, if the school had one. Today’s complex social behaviors and societal problems can encroach upon the school atmosphere limiting not only the safety of the students, but the actual ability to learn.

Digital video school surveillance and security systems provide the surveillance system you need to cover the perimeter of the school property and each room, lobby and hallway. They also can be used to enforce the security you need to ensure a safe learning environment.

School surveillance and security systems are not just for high schools. These surveillance and security systems can be used with all levels of education including:
• Child Care/Preschool
• Middle School
• High School
• Public or private schools
• Colleges and Universities

Many schools have metal detectors at their entrances to screen for potential dangerous and/or unlawful weapons but that alone is not good enough. A solid digital video camera surveillance system can provide a much more comprehensive security structure. In addition, a digital video school surveillance and security system can provide a recorded “instant replay” of a particular episode for the benefit of school administrators.

A digital video security camera system with a Digital Video Recorder or DVR can be very useful for documenting any inappropriate behavior on school property. One big problem in Middle and High schools especially is bullying. The intimidation of students by other students can not only result in undesirable consequences but can nearly destroy the learning environment for the intimidated student. School surveillance and security systems can not only document the activity, but when students know they are being monitored, bullying activity is sharply decreased.

Along the same lines as documenting intimidation, school surveillance and security systems can help monitor any gang or gang like activity within the school. These same systems can reveal acts of violence; expose acts of vandalism and theft; and identify student drug use. Further, a digital video school surveillance and security system can protect students and teachers alike.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all to using a school surveillance and security system is the high deterrence factor created by the use of monitoring cameras. Many school teachers have voiced their opinion that school surveillance cameras used in classrooms have improved behavior and even increased grades.

A typical school surveillance system consists of the following:
• Cameras
• Processor/DVR Unit
• Monitor

Digital video cameras can be placed in just about any location throughout the school. Each camera has a video transmission cable that is run from the camera to the processor/DVR unit. The digital camera captures its video images and sends them to the processor/DVR unit via this cable. The processor creates a digital video file of the image which makes it available for real-time (live) viewing on a monitor and also stores it on the DVR. The DVR is basically the same thing as the hard drive disk on a personal computer. The DVR continues to store the videos chronologically until the disk is full. When the storage capacity of the disk is met, the unit starts recording over material starting at the beginning. Units can be purchased with built-in DVD writers that can copy video footage for archival purposes or if needed, to present to authorities.

School surveillance and security systems aren’t just limited to the building. Smaller, compact digital video surveillance systems are available for use on school buses also. These systems have a proven track record of curtailing inappropriate behavior by students while traveling in school buses.

The units used in school buses normally run off the electrical power provided by the bus, have at least one camera that covers the entire passenger area, and include a mini-DVR normally in the form of a USB thumb drive or a Flash memory card. Their memory devices are normally large enough to store the video for an entire route.

As you can see, school surveillance and security systems may not be able to stop a particular event from occurring, but proper use of a digital video camera system has provided great deterrent factors resulting in much better group control and a higher quality learning environment. Innovative technology has made these systems affordable for most schools, regardless of their class size.