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School Security Camera

With student safety being such a concern in schools today, not enough can be said about the importance of using a school security camera in every classroom. Even though most school systems utilize metal detectors at school entrances and some even require the students to carry only clear backpacks, this is apparently not enough to ensure adequate student-teacher safety and security. Admittedly there is not one single solution; a digital video school security camera system can supplement these security measures and greatly reduce in-school violence and at a minimum, at least provide documentation of inappropriate behavior.

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School Surveillance and Security Systems

In the not too distant past, school surveillance and security systems were unheard of. The closest thing to school surveillance was probably an intercom speaker in each classroom and the security system might have been a truant officer, if the school had one. Today’s complex social behaviors and societal problems can encroach upon the school atmosphere limiting not only the safety of the students, but the actual ability to learn.

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