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Reasons why Security Camera King is a step above the rest

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Thursday, March 13th, 2014
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My name is Daniel and I have worked for SCK going on 2 years now. I am the self-proclaimed lead technical support person. I have by now heard just about every problem a person could have or might have had with their equipment. The biggest complaint I get from customers after purchase actually has nothing to do with our products. It has to do with our competitors. The lack of quality or features is not topic of discussion as you may think. Complete lack of support is… If you have purchased CCTV equipment from other vendors you know what I mean.

On a daily basis I have people asking how to do setup recording to remote access and everything in between. Here at Security Camera King, to help those that have not purchased equipment from us, the webmasters of the universe have setup an online forum.

In the forums you can ask about anything when it comes to cameras. I have many dealers and customer that have become very good with cameras and try to help out. Just the other day I had a new customer ask about remote setup. Then another customer answered him. It’s great, I chime in with a few more tips and the new customer now knows what he or she needs to do to fix the issue. That is what we do for people that post on the forums that have purchased nothing… We will not short people on information. We have people asking for help on what type of system to use per environment. From relatively simple installations to apartment complexes, government buildings, local police, retail store fronts, bridges, horse farms, wild life preserves, beach front property, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, manufacturing processes, gated communities, parking lots, pharmacies. We help out with getting the right camera the right DVR or NVR per your environment. Not only can we make recommendations we also do installations locally, so we know what we are talking about. I can give you tips on how to pull cable through conduit and not have it bind up. Also we can help determine the best method for power, which is the most important to get good quality video footage. How to crimp you BNC fittings can be tricky until you do a few, so I can tell you how and show you a video. If you have ever done a CCTV installation you know how frustrating it can be not being able to ask the little questions. We want you to ask those questions, and we really want you to buy the right items the first time not the second time.

When you purchase a system for Security Camera King you get more than just the warranty. A warranty should be standard at any place you do business with. We will repair or replace defective equipment. It goes without saying that if a company cannot warranty their product clearly they area fly by night operation that should not be used. Some companies will still charge a service fee for warranty. At Security Camera King we will not do that. That is just not good business. All we ask is you return the item to us. Then we will promptly repair or replace the item and then we will return the device to you. If that’s not fair I don’t know what is.

I have prospective customers call all the time. They do not call sales first for one very important reason. People want to know just how fast they can get a hold of support for help. I have about 2-3 people a week on average that tells me as soon as I answer the phone I am going to buy from you because I get to talk to a live person. How awesome is that!?! It’s almost like you don’t get to talk to live people anymore when you need help. That is just the tip of the iceberg. With the technology we have access to we take support to the next level. I can remote into your computer on your local network. Once inside I can help set up remote access by getting the DVR or NVR configured to use your current IP scheme. I can change the DVR address or I can configure the router to match the DVR. If there are IP cameras involved it is better to setup a subnet that the cameras can use out of the box, and I can do that too. I can get port forwarding setup on router or modem. Now you can access the unit I can get window IE to operate with DVR for viewing. There are several hoops to jump through on the Internet Explorer, but I can get it to work. If for some reason the browser does not cooperate, I still have another trick up my sleeve. I can install TechPro SS remote viewing software for you instead. Configure the software and generally customize it to your liking. Another feature people need help with is motion detection. I understand how the pre-record, anit-dither, latch and latch record all work together. The pre-record is how far before the motion event is the DVR will record. The anit-dither is how long the camera must see motion before recording. In practice they effectively cancel each other out so recording starts when motion is detected. The delays can be adjusted to get say a person walking in the middle of the picture instead of on either side. Email alerts with snap shot pictures I can configure so you can see what happened. All the features and setup details that make the CCTV DVR system just amazing I can and will help with.

I know some of you are asking wow all these guys do is I can I can I can!!! There is a very good reason for that. We are veteran owned and veteran operated. Also I am a veteran that happens to be an employee. “I can’t” has no place in our beliefs. We bring that determination to taking care of all past, present, and future customers.


Best Security Camera

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Today’s big question – what is the best security camera.  Today’s big answer – that depends.  Security cameras come in wso many different types and varieties for so many different applications, that it is truly difficult to say this is “the best security camera.”  Probably, a more practical question is, “What is the best security camera for this particular application?”

In the following article, we’ll try to help determine what some of the best security cameras are that Security Camera King (SCK) offers based on their application.  Remember everyone’s situation (and application) is different, so it’s important to consider these cameras as presented without tight restrictions.

First, let consider the standard box camera.  SCK has three box cameras listed in our catalog.  The best security camera of the three would more than likely be the 600 TVL Dual Power Wide Dynamic Range Box Surveillance camera, Product# SVS-60CDNRD if you need a box camera that has the capability of accepting both of the standard digital video camera power supply inputs, 12 Volts DC or 24 Volts AC.  This camera is a Veilux brand camera and it goes without saying that Veilux cameras are some of the highest quality cameras made in the industry.

On the other hand, if dual power is not a concern then SCK’s Product# BC-EL600 600 TVL Super High Resolution Wide Dynamic Range Security Camera is probably the best security camera of this type.  Here’s why:  Both cameras offer super high resolution, 600 TVL, which provides an extremely highly detailed video image with great clarity and crispness.

Botch cameras also offer comparable camera features, but the BC-EL600 excels over the SVS-60CDNRD in that it offers a two year (versus one) and is currently $20.00 cheaper in price ($139.95 vs $159.95).

The third box camera offered bys SCK really has no comparable camera as it is a special use camera, designed for high-speed license plate capture.  However, when comparing this camera to many others offered throughout the industry, Product# VSSC-54CDNR-90, is a top of the line best security camera for this special use.

Now let’s turn our attention to bullet cameras.  SCK offers eight different bullet type security cameras.  The Product# OB-LX420IR50 is a great buy for a standard type bullet camera.  It has a range of approximately 65 feet for Infrared recording which is good, however if you are looking for a camera with an extremely high detailed high resolution ouput, this camera only offers a resolution of 420 TVL.  On the other hand, if price is your main concern, this camera definitely qualifies as a best security camera with a featured price of only $49.99.

Comparing the Product# OB-LX550IR120 and the Product # SVB-58IR48 both offer similar features.  Both cameras are indoor/outdoor day/night infrared cameras, however the latter camera, the SVB-58IR48 has and edge over the OB-LX550IR120 in that it offers a viewing resolution of 580 TVL vs only 550 TVL.  This comes at a cost of $24.04 more, but it is well worth the price.  Therefore, between these two cameras, the OB-LX550IR120 could be considered the best security camera.

Considering the remaining bullet cameras not mentioned so far, here are what can be considered the best security cameras:  Product# OB-LX550IR2150L922 for its superior 200 foot IR range distance and 550 TVL resolution at an extremely economical price of $159.95; Product# TPS-QLBAZ1 for it’s extremely high resolution of 650 TVL and its ability to produce true day/night color video images; and, special use Product #SVB-60IRC80L650D for its unbelievable long range IR capability outdoors of up to 395 feet!

We now come to dome cameras.  There are so many dome cameras available for different applications that a book could probably be written comparing them all and trying to determine what would be the best security camera. That being said, we shall limit our discussion to the two dome cameras that SCK includes with their packaged security systems, Product# OD-LX420IR50 and Product# OD-LX520IR50.   These two cameras offer some of the “biggest bang for the buck” in dome cameras.

Essentially, the two cameras have identical features with the latter offering a much higher resolution display (that’s why it is bundled with the Ultimate series DVR).  Each camera is day/night infrared with a 50 foot range, light weight, easy to mount, and  vandal resistant.  Granted these cameras may not be considered the best security camera, but they are top of the line. To see more information read our article titled “Dome Security Camera” in the knowledge base.