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How to Catch Vandalism

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

How to Catch VandalismIs your home a target for vandalism or “harmless” pranks from neighborhood kids and do you feel like you need a “How to Catch Vandalism for Dummies” book? Does your business suffer from the same thing?  Identifying the perpetrator(s) and getting documentation evidence of the actual act of vandalism is easier and much less expensive than you probably think.

One of the best and easiest solutions on how to catch vandalism, including video images of the act itself and the perpetrators that are performing the act, is to use a digital video camera.  Having an outdoor camera to watch your property is like having a full-time security guard on duty. With only a single camera or two, you can tell who’s driving up the driveway or see who’s knocking at the front door. And if you’re away, you’ll be able to know if someone was in your back yard retrieving that soccer ball that was accidentally kicked over the fence, or if someone decided to take a dip in your pool.

Use a “Vandal Resistant” Camera

The most common question we get about cameras is “which one should I use?”  Each situation is different and may require a different camera.  Security Camera King offers 10 different vandal resistant cameras for you to choose to solve your problem of how to catch vandalism.  A common issue when utilizing security surveillance is that the cameras become the target of vandalism themselves. The security cameras are the most visible component of the surveillance system and, if installed correctly, they are in the areas of highest risk. Vandal resistant dome cameras were designed with this in mind. Tough metal housings with remarkably tough Lexan domes will deter all but the most determined criminal.

We suggest either a true day/night camera(s) or an day/night infrared camera(s) so that you can monitor your property 24 hours a day.  In fact Security Camera King’s bundled entire system deals all contain vandal resistant infrared day/night dome cameras.

You will also need to determine if you have any situations that require special features such as a really high Wide Dynamic Range or WDR.  When it comes to how to catch vandalism you will want to take advantage of every aspect that can benefit you.  Take a look at our 10 vandal resistant dome cameras first and see if there isn’t one or more there that would apply to your situation.

Gather your Documentation

Most people are confused when we say gather your documentation because they think we mean written pages.  However, when we say gather your documentation, we mean gather your digital color video files that have recorded the vandals in the act and may even provide identification as to who is committing the crime.

You can use a USB Flash drive or the CD/DVD recorder that comes standard with some of our DVRs to prepare a disk(s) to offer to law enforcement, insurance agencies, and prosecutors.  There’s nothing more convincing than digital video footage to document the destruction.

What Kind of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) do I Need?
Once again, each situation is unique and so the selection of the DVR will also be unique.  You will need to consider how many cameras (channels) will be needed to do the job (in the security video industry, the word “channels” often means cameras).  Whether you want a CD/DVD recorder included to make backups and record footages of the vandalism being committed and want kind of resolution and frame rate you think you will need to record your cameras.

If you’re stumped on this decision or any decision pertaining to setting up a digital video surveillance system, please contact one of our experts for help.  They will be glad to speak to you in order to help you design your system and determine what type of equipment you will need.

All of Security Camera King’s DVRs are the highest quality DVR for that category.  Once you take a close look at what we have to offer we think you’ll be amazed at the quality, performance, and features our DVRs have to offer compared to any other in the industry.

Contact Us!

Whether you need help on how to catch vandalism, or specific help on what type of camera, DVR, or monitor to use, how to design and setup your system, etc. our security experts are there to help you decide.  You can contact them on-line using our “Live Chat” or you can telephone them at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM EST.



Small Business Security Systems

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Security Camera King offers a well rounded selection of digital video small business security systems.  These systems can provide protection, deter illegal activity, and document any vandalism, theft, or other activity in high-quality color full motion video.  The systems are easy to operate, easy to set up, and easy enough to install yourself if you so desire.

Any business needs security protection, regardless of how big or small the business may be.  Of course, if the business is large enough, it may even have its own security department or security team.  Another option would include contracting the security to an independent security and protection agency.  However, small businesses, especially those that are in the beginning stages of their development, can’t afford these options.

Yet security is still a definite necessity to protect the interests of the business, its property, and its employees.  What is the solution?  Small business security systems can fit this need at a small business overhead price while providing big business security advantages.

Security Camera King offers four different small business security systems based on the number of cameras or channels in each system.  We carry 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel digital video systems.  Each system comes with the designated number of vandal-proof day/night infrared vision dome cameras, the necessary power supply for the cameras, cables, connectors, and of course a Digital Video Recorder or DVR.

Our 4, 8, and 16 channel small business security systems are further divided into three major groups each, depending on the type of DVR selected.  We offer the Elite Mini, the Elite, and the Ultimate brand DVRs.  For any one of these channel groups we actually offer 6 different system packages.  For example, for a four channel system we offer two system packages for the Elite Mini, two for the Elite, and Two for the Ultimate.

The differences between small business security systems packages with the same DVR type are cable and power supplies.  For the complete Four Channel Elite Mini HD DVR Security Camera Surveillance Packages we offer one package that includes a four channel space saving power supply with four plug and play cables.  Our second Four Channel Elite Mini HD DVR package includes the same DVR and cameras, but instead offers a four channel power distribution box, one box of bulk RG-59 18/2 Siamese Cable, four power leads, and connectors.

Each of our DVRs comes with an astounding variety of standard features.  The major difference between our Elite Mini and the Elite and Ultimate DVRs, is that the Elite Mini does not have a CD/DVD writer.  However all of our DVRs provide High Definition Outputs, the latest and most efficient CODEC (COmpression/DECompression) utility, H.264, built in Web server, email alerts, and Smartphone accessible technology.

The Internet options are especially helpful in small business security systems because many small business owners like the opportunity to monitor their systems remotely while they are conducting other business related tasks or even while they are on vacation.  You can use the Web browser access from your home computer to view each of your small business security system’s digital cameras and if you are on the road, anywhere in the world that Internet access is available via a Smartphone, you can view and even control your system via your phone using one of our free applications.

Although the Elite Mini does not have a CD/DVD writer, it does allow you to make backup copies using a USB thumb drive.  The Elite and Ultimate DVRs provide a CD/DVD writer for you to use to back-up your recorded footage or copy specific portions of it to distributable media to give to police, insurance companies, etc.

Security Camera King also recognizes that every small business has its own specific security requirements.  That’s why we offer our systems with component changes and upgrades (some may be an additional charge).  This provides you with the opportunity to purchase a complete system, tailored to your specific security needs, at a reasonable discounted packaged system price.

Since you can actually save costs for your small business by installing your own small business security system we also provide support from the beginning to the end of the process.  Our systems are easy to install and come with all the manuals for the components that describe hook-ups, features, set-up procedures, etc. but we realize that may not always be enough.  That’s why we offer free complete support from design of your system through installation, setup, and use.


Church Security Systems and Surveillance

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Have you considered protecting your places of worship with church security systems? Although a church building is sacred ground, unfortunately it is also a fairly popular target of burglaries and vandalism. However, with a church security system you can deter criminal acts and document them with video recordings if need be.

Whether the location is an urban or rural area, churches are a target for criminal acts, most likely because they may be empty for a scheduled extended period of time. Nothing fits a burglar’s or vandal’s time schedule better than an unguarded building with no people in it at a specified time. As a result, churches often are “targeted” by criminal intruders.

Digital video church security systems can help deter crime and provide police, insurance companies, and courts with evidence of the crime. Digital video security systems have become very popular in the last several years due to their affordable price and wide range of optional features.

Often, just the presence of digital video cameras is enough to deter a potential vandal or burglar. Add a 24/7 professional monitoring service, and your digital video church security system now acts as a burglar alarm as well. In fact, there are many ways to utilize digital video systems as burglar alarms.

A basic digital video church security system consists of one to several cameras, a Digital Video Recorder or DVR and a monitor. The digital video cameras capture images and sends them as digital video data to the DVR. The DVR, which also contains a digital video computer processor, compiles the data into a digital video file. The file can then be viewed on the monitor in real-time (live) and/or stored on the DVR for future use.

There are many types of digital video cameras that can be purchased with optional features to specifically meet your church security system needs. Since a church is often left unoccupied for several hours at a time, perhaps one of the best options would be a camera with a motion detector.

The motion detector is a Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensor that detects motion by changes in infrared radiation in the cameras field of view. The PIR sensor is built into the body of the camera and is attached to a relay that turns the camera’s video recording on. After the motion ceases or after a specified period of time with no motion detection, the video recording stops.

A church security system that utilizes cameras with motion detectors has many advantages. One advantage of this system, is that the motion detector camera conserves DVR storage by only recording when motion is detected. This means that, depending on the capacity of the DVR and the system, the hard disk drive can store several days to weeks of video.

Video files are stored on a DVR in sequence so that when the DVR storage disk becomes full, the drive begins rewriting new files over the oldest files. This gives the user a chance to copy important video using optional CDs or DVDs or even Flash drives. The portable media can be played on just about any type of personal computer and can be provided to police, courts, and insurance companies.

Another advantage of motion detector cameras used in church security systems is conservation of power. Digital video cameras require a power supply usually in the form of low-voltage DC (Direct Current) electricity. The power can be supplied in the form of a wire run from a power distribution center, a plug-in transformer, or rechargeable batteries. In the latter case, the motion detector camera greatly extends battery life between charges since the PIR uses only a nominal amount of constant power saving more power for video capture by the camera.

Another optional feature that may be useful for church security systems is day/night vision infrared cameras. Infrared cameras can record video in total darkness using near infrared spectrum light. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, yet the camera can sense it. Since many areas of a church are often dark, these cameras are great for video security surveillance.

As you can see digital video systems can make great church security systems. If you have additional questions or are considering the purchase of a system, contact one of Security Camera King’s security experts today on-line by clicking the Live Chat button or call us at 1-866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6pm est.