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Security Camera King local to Boca Raton Florida, has been providing cannabis security services since the birth of the industry. We are offering Florida Medical Marijuana providers our expert and compliant cannabis security services; consultation, layout, planning, and Installation. We have our complaint marijuana surveillance equipment installed nationwide and are offering our elite marijuana installation services to our Florida customers. The cannabis compliance program here at Security Camera King was put into place to cater specifically to marijuana businesses. Our cannabis security specialists take great care in helping our cannabis clients to craft, plan and design a Medical Marijuana security system that will go above and beyond your businesses security expectations, while also meeting or exceeding Florida’s state regulations for Marijuana properties. Our Cannabis compliance experts work one on one with you and your inspector until the job is done right. Our Florida based installation team is licensed bonded and insured. With security camera king you receive service and equipment that is high quality, compliant and secure.

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    Admendment2 Florida Medical Marijuana Security Requirements

    Each state has different requirements for Marijuana security and Florida Admendment2 legislature concerning is no exception. Florida State law requires the Medical Marijuana facility maintain a security camera system that records continuously for 24 hour each day and meets the mandated requirements laid out by the state.

    Florida’s Medical Marijuana Camera Placement Requirements:
    Security camera placement is why it is so important to start you planning with a proper camera layout that is unique to your floor plan. As required by Florida state Security Cameras are to be placed in order to capture clear video footage that can easily identify the people and activity that is taking place in controlled areas, including processing areas, growing areas, storage areas, disposal areas and within the point-of-sale areas. Cameras are also required to be placed at all entry and exit points on the premises, which allow the cameras to record and capture both the inside and outside points of view, meaning that the video footage must be able to clearly capture all people entering and leaving the building.

    Florida’s Cannabis Security Recording requirements
    Video that is recorded on the premises of a Florida Medical Marijuana facility must have a clear and accurate date and time stamp. The state of Florida also requires that video surveillance footage also must be stored for a minimum of 45 days. The storage time could be extended depending the request of a law enforcement agency.

    Every Facility is Different; let us help secure and prepare your space.
    What makes security for marijuana facilities unique is that every facility is different, each layout is hand crafted and design specially for your business. Our cannabis experts work one on one with you to make sure you are getting the best security system for your cannabis business. We take everything from the state requirement’s, to your people to your plants into consideration.

    Installation Services, based out of South Florida Boca Raton.

    Our marijuana industry clients receive VIP treatment from our cannabis department, our cannabis clients receive get free planning and verification services, preferred client status with our technical support team, express shipping, free remote monitoring software, and being located in our home state of Florida you will also receive hands on treatment direct from our Florida security installation team.

    Florida Marijuana Security eBook
    Download our free eBook for more insight and benefits on security camera systems and how they can benefit your Marijuana business, we have complied our experience in once place for you, our ebook covers everything from plant observation to security layout and setup and includes photos and examples on why and how we offer our security services.

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