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Multi-channel Sibell Recorder: A Powerhouse of Recording Options This multi-channel Sibell DVR is an ideal economic solution for recording data from multiple types of digital and analogue inputs all using the same coaxial cable. This DVR/NVR doesn’t need any extra cards for installation thanks to its convenient pre-installed software. Sibell Recorder with Multiple Channels: Perfect for Commercial and Traffic Application We offer you competitive prices on this multi-channel Sibell mini Digital Video Recorder makes it easier to start upgrading from your current system to newer technology. Remote Access Sibell Recorder: Monitor Your Surroundings from Anywhere This Sibell Recorder offers you a wide selection of modes in which you can record, including manual, motion detection, sensor, or timer. This recorder also allows for multi-directional audio, and can be hooked up with multiple alarm inputs, IR sensors or door and window contacts for increased security. Monitor your surroundings from anywhere with your smartphone, which lets you check in on your space no matter where you are. High-Resolution, Multi-Channel Recorder: All the Power and Storage Space You Need This Sibell recorder lets you save plenty of footage thanks to having room for multiple hard drives. It also makes sharing footage at specific times easy thanks to the use of common, widespread digital input ports that lets you plug in an external drive and share. High Capacity Sibell Recorder: Integrate Your Alarms for Added Security One of the best features of this multiple channel recorder is the fact that it offers numerous alarm inputs that let you connect alarm relays that activate when triggered by motion, intrusion, and video loss. You also have the option of hooking up functions such as emails, alarms, strobes, recording and more.