1000ft Easy-pull Box Of Cat5E Cable

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This is a box of 1000 feet of CAT 5 Cable in white. CAT5 cable is fast becoming the cable of choice for CCTV installations due to its versatility and low cost. When using CAT5 cable, it is possible to transmit video, audio, power and PTZ control over one cable.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for 1000ft Easy-pull Box Of Cat5E Cable

  1. Sexton, David

    Good quality.

  2. P. C.

    I purchased a 16 camera system (which works great!) with bulk cable from you not long ago and realized that I would need some CAT5E cable. I also bought it from you because I had made a purchase large enough to get free shipping. However, I did research other sources and found CAT5E for a little as $49.

  3. Dan Fargo

    I bought this for my install. It’s not a bad price and the shipping is free. The easy pull spool does make it a little easier to make cable runs by yourself.

  4. BIll Henson

    On my last job I ran out of Cat 5e cable. I ran to one of the box stores and purchased a 1000′ roll ofCat5e and found that I had a lot of trouble pulling the cables from the box. I thought it was not normal so I purchased another box of cable from the box store and set the other one aside so e we could untangle it later.The second box was the same way. Wires were tangled and I had to pay one of my employees overtime to try and straighten the tangle. At first I thought one of my crew had made some mistake with the first box. But upon examination, we found that the cables inside the box were crossed up from the factory. I am ordering all my cables from Tachvisioncctv.com from now on. I will also order extra Cat5e and Cat6e to keep on hand for future use or in the last case, my own mistake by mis-figuring the amount cable needed to complete the job.SincerelyBill Hensonwww.VideoPerfection.com PS> Techvisioncctv.com KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!

  5. David Anderson

    Used it many times. Never had any issues. Always test good

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