13MM AI Thermal Bullet Camera W/ Audio and Alarm

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Fixed Lens
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Introducing the state-of-the-art IPOB-ELT400EP-13M Thermal Network Bullet Camera. This camera utilizes an extremely high-quality VOx Uncooled Thermal Sensor which is embedded beneath an extremely versatile Athermalized Lens. With an Athermalized lens, this camera can maintain its focus and power stability in a wide range of temperatures.

The VOx Uncooled Vanadium Oxide Thermal Sensor provides this camera with the capabilities it needs, specifically temperature sensitivity down to less than 40 mK (microkelvins).

What this means is that the IPOB-ELT400EP-13M is capable of distinguishing between objects with very minimal temperature differences. This is true even in circumstances where the background has a similar temperature to the objects that are being recorded in the scene.

Speaking of Temperature, the camera itself can exist in a wide range of cold and heat operating conditions. With a functional range of -40 Degrees Celcius to +60 Celsius (-40F to +140f), the IPOB-ELT400EP-13M will hold up in even extremely hot or cold conditions.

As with most of our IP camera offerings, the IPOB-ELT400EP-13M features PoE, aka Power over Ethernet- allowing the unit to send video data, and be powered over a single cat5e or cat6 Ethernet cable. However, this particular camera comes equipped with ePoE – or enhanced power over ethernet. That means that the distance this camera can utilize ePoE is far greater than standard PoE, allowing for a maximum install distance of 800 meters (2,624.67 feet) in ideal conditions. Of course, you’ll need an ePoE capable port on an NVR and/or an ePoE switch to take advantage of this amazing feature.

What good would a thermal camera be without built-in fire detection and alarm capability? This unit can sense rapid increases in temperature over a small period of time. This can be set to trigger an alarm out to your fire protection system. This camera’s powerful temperature sensing technology makes it ideal for fire prevention applications.

Additionally, this camera is ip67 outdoor protection rated and features a quality 400×300 Thermal Capture Resolution.

This product comes with a 3 year warranty! FREE US based tech support for the life of the product! Don't forget to download our FREE remote viewing applications, available on IOS & Android! For further warranty information, click here.

Enhanced POE

ePoE you can simplify the wiring requirements enabling you to reach distances of a single run up to 800 meters (over 2,600 feet) at a speed of 10Mbps.



ePoE, or enhanced Power over Ethernet, is an innovative solution that utilizes specialized algorithms capable of extending how far both IP and analog security cameras can reach. ePoE devices are now standard on ONVIF devices and can even be incorporated into traditional PoE systems. What makes ePoE devices different is that they have the capability of converting coaxial infrastructures with the latest IP devices. This capability makes it possible to increase transmission distances through both coaxial and ethernet cables.

Weather Resistant

158°F | 70°C
Heat Rating
-40°F | -40°C
Cold Rating
Weather Rating

Remote Viewing Apps

The ability to view security camera systems remotely has transformed the video surveillance industry in powerful ways. Prior to this innovation, manned users were needed on location to view live feeds. Now, it’s possible to view live camera feeds digitally through network-connected devices. IP security cameras make this innovation possible. With remote viewing, anyone, from anywhere in the world, can visibly watch live camera feeds.

Features Advanced 3DNR | Smart Codec | ePoE | IVS | Uncooled Vox Technology
Lens 13mm Fixed Lens
Image Resolutions 400x300
Sensor Size Uncooled Vox Microbolometer
Weather Protection IP67
Voltage DC 12V/PoE/ePoE
Temp Range -40°F ~ +158°F/ Less Than 95% RH
Dimensions 11.46in x 4.06in x 3.82in
Weight 4.19 lb
Audio Capable With External Mic
SD Card Compatible Yes
Perimeter Protection No
Object Detection No
Face Detection No
Face Recognition No
Smart Motion Detection No
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