2.1mm Male DC Plug with 3ft. Flying Leads Cable

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2.1mm Male DC Plug with 8″ Flying Leads

DC power leads can be used for connecting Siamese cable or for your power supply.
The pigtail features a molded male power connector on one end to two stripped and tinned wires on the other.
Black and Red wire jackets indicate polarity. This provides a simple solution for power connectivity.
The inner diameter is 2.1mm. We call this the MALE end since the connecter has a pin on the inside.
Please note the difference between a female and male power lead. Refer to picture for item sold here.
Item colors and size may vary from time to time.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for 2.1mm Male DC Plug with 3ft. Flying Leads Cable

  1. Dan Larson

    A squirrel chewed through my original cable on my garage camera. I used these to replace the damaged wire. Works great.

  2. Tosche, Karl

    For my application, these were an excellent time saver, except, they came with a 1ft. lead, NOT a 3ft. lead

  3. Light, Jim (Oregon, USA)

    Worked good at did the job!

  4. Matt Stevens

    Works great and can save time. Did you know when I needed these in a pinch I couldn’t even find them at Radio Shack?

  5. George Patterson

    Works great and allows some latitude in connecting power ends with the flying lead.

  6. Tom Bell

    its the little things that make a job easier or harder to do. these have always made things easier for me. never have given me any problems

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