2 Piece Crimp-on BNC Connector (single)

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These high quality crimp type BNC connectors save you time and money in your security system installation. Easy to use and built to last.

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6 reviews for 2 Piece Crimp-on BNC Connector (single)

  1. F. Blande

    Twist on connectors work okay for many applications but if you want a better holding connection crimp-ons or compressions are the best. Since I already have a high quality crimping tool (and no compression tool) I bought these. The go on easy and work great.

  2. R. F.

    Good Quality connector, just crimp and go. I prefer these over twist ons and they can be applied with a relatively cheap crimping tool. They may not be as solid as compression fittings but they are cheaper and so is the tool to apply them.

  3. P. L.

    I ordered a bunch of these with some other stuff. Since the order was over $500 I got free shipping so the price was competitive with local suppliers. Good quality.

  4. Patterson, Tom (Indiana USA)

    Nothing overly special about these connectors including the price, but they do work well and are convenient to be able to order them with your main order.

  5. Bart Ledderby

    The do the job; better than a twist on, not quite as secure as a compression connector.

  6. J. Ritter

    These seem to be “standard issue” BNC connectors. Haven’t had any problems with them. Locally you may be able to purchase them cheaper in bulk but if you order them with a large order so you don’t have to pay shipping these are worth it.

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