BNC Connector Twist-on (single)

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For a toolless installation, use these twist-on type BNC connectors. Simply strip your RG-59 cable back and twist these on. Easy to use and durable.

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6 reviews for BNC Connector Twist-on (single)

  1. Gary Darnell

    I’ve seen a lot of comments, especially from installers, about how these are not as good or professional as the crimp on or compression settings. I’m not a professional so I can’t offer an opinion on that but I can tell you that for do it your selfers that don’t want to purchase an additional tool for installing your system, this connectors work just fine. I use them and as long as you strip the cable right and apply the connector properly they do a great job.

  2. Benny Grand

    If you don’t want to buy and extra tool just to put on a fitting these do the job!

  3. Mike Dietriski

    If you need extras, this is the place to get ’em. They work great.

  4. Walt Volryie

    I ordered some of these for some extra cameras and cabling I added to my system at home. I didn’t feel like purchasing a special tool that I wasn’t going to use again (most likely) and these worked great the first time. They did alright the second time too!

  5. Matt Bradshaw

    These are one of the best things I’ve found that SCK sells. I been crimping or compressing ends on for years. Which is easy, but it is expensive for the crim/compression bits from a different company I was going through for those pieces. I still HIGHLY recommend using a good compression or crimp for cameras that are exposed to weather, or have any wiring out doors. Just insures a good solid weather resistant seal. However, if it is interior cameras, or on awnings, these super easy to use connectors make installation a breeze. Like everything I’ve had from SCK great quality. Will be buying again, probably as soon as I submit this :).

  6. Matt Bradshaw

    This makes interior installs much cheaper and easier. Just a quick twist on and move on. I’ve never used these on exterior cameras, and I doubt I will, just because I want to insure I have a solid seal on anything exposed to the elements. But for interior cameras, I use a ton of these. Work everytime and as I said quick and simple.

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