Siamese Cable 95% Braid-White

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For many of our customers in, having a UL rated RG59 cable is of the utmost importance! Especially if you are dealing with Washington State I-502 or Colorado Amendment 64 Marijuana laws and security requirements. On top of that, many municipalities (including Miami) are looking for UL rated cables on construction jobs. This has dual shielding and a 95% braid to help protect your signal quality against electromagnetic interference (EMI). This is called a “Siamese Cable” because the coaxial and 18 gauge 2-wire power cable.

Another great thing about this not being pre-terminated is that you can choose your lengths and easily make your own cables using a variety of connectors like Crimp On, Twist On or BNC Compression connectors.

You’ll receive the cable in a box on a reel ready to be pulled to the specific footage that you need and the footage is even marked on the cable incrementally to help make it easier for you. Also available in black.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Siamese Cable 95% Braid-White

  1. Ned

    I’m really happy with the flexibility this gives me .

  2. Gambill, Tom

    I’m happy with the cable. It’s high quality and it works good, but that’s not all. When I bought my bulk cable DVR camera system from you I knew I would need extra cable because I had a couple cameras placed on my property with some long cable runs. I figured I’d just buy the extra stuff at Lowe’s or the hardware store. Neither one had it. Moral of the story: My suggestion is that you buy everything you need for your system from Security Camera King and do it when you order your system. That way, you won’t have to wait for additional items to arrive before you can begin your installation.

  3. Vinny P.

    This cable is easy to pull, flexible enough to go just about anywhere and strong enough that you don’t have to worry about it breaking, kinking, or shorting out. Bundling the video transmission cable with the power supply wires is genius and I’m glad someone thought of it. It made the cabling end of installing my system even easier.

  4. Colin Bennett

    Excellent cable for analog camera video and power in a single run. Super convenient and great value. Works great.

  5. Ron Y

    Buying the cable in bulk and then putting on the connectors is the best way to run lines to the cameras. This cable was perfect for my needs.

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