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2 Megapixel Coax Cameras

Welcome, and thanks for joining us as we have a great product showcase that we are very excited to share with you today. We are happy to show off our 2 Megapixel COAX series cameras. We shot the video that accompanies this article in 2 Megapixel resolution as well. that way if you watch the video and follow along, you’ll get a great visual representation of the actual quality you can expect from any one of these units.


2 Megapixel Coax Cameras

Within the 2 Megapixel COAX series cameras, we have a total of six different units to choose from. Specifically, we have two of each kind of shell style. There are two Turret Domes,  two Vandal domes, and two bullets.  You may be wondering why we have two of each. Well, that’s because We carry motorized and fixed lens variations of each of these shell styles. Now, besides the motorized lens which is the most obvious variation between these two sets of Cameras, there are some other key differences between them, but let’s first take a look at what they can both do.
What Can they Do?
All six of these units are capable of 2 Megapixels- Also commonly referred to as 1080p. This is an effective resolution of 1920x 1080. This is 2 times as sharp as the previous industry-standard 720p (also known as 1280×720 or 1 Megapixel), and Six times sharper than the D1 standard, for a total of two million available pixels. Some manufacturers also refer to 2 Megapixel/1080p as “Full HD”.

Another really great thing about these cameras is their ability to hit a whopping 30 Frames Per second at max resolution. FPS is the measurement of how many still shots occur within a single second to compose the fluid motion that makes moving video footage. The higher the number, the smoother the image. The 30 FPS this camera can do provides a much smoother image than lower FPS cameras. If you watch the included video- you can clearly see in our comparison how smooth 30 FPS is compared to 15 FPS. When used with one of our compatible* recorders, all six of these units can be used with Intelligent Video Surveillance tripwire, and Motion detection features

Here’s a quick list of some of the other amazing features found across all six of these 2 MP Coax Cameras:

  • All six cams are capable of broadcasting their signal at a max distance of 800 meters when using a standard coax cable.
  • All six of these units feature some level of adjustability for ease of install in a variety of locations.
  • Both the fixed and motorized lens cameras are outdoor rated Ip67. So you can safely and confidently mount them outside.

Which 2 Megapixel Set to Choose?
So we’ve gone over a lot of the details, and discussed all the similarities between the two sets in the 2 Megapixel series coax cameras, but what about what sets them apart? Well when it comes to audio and Input/Output options, there are a few important differences even amongst the same series. For example, The motorized version of the turret dome, and only the motorized turret comes equipped with a built-in Microphone. This is able to pass audio data from the location right over the COAX cable and directly to the record channel for the camera on the recorder itself.

Though both cameras deliver a  stunning color image during the day, they have different focal lengths and field of view. For example, all of the fixed cameras have a FOV of 105*, with a focal length of 2.8mm.  The motorized cameras, however, have a field of view of 115*, and their most important difference from the Fixed cameras is their variable focal length of 2.7-12 mm made possible by the motorized lens. On that note, the biggest and most important difference between these two sets of 2 MegaPixel cameras is the 4x optical zoom, and adjustable focus available only in the Motorized lens variant of these cameras.

Lastly using Infrared technology, all six of these units are capable of producing a crisp monochrome image at night- even in environments illuminated as low as 0 lux. However, the length of the IR can vary from unit to unit, with 60 meters being the furthest IR distance available. The varied lengths can be seen below:

  • All 3 Fixed – 30 meters
  • Motor Vandal- 30 meters
  • Motor Bullet – 60m
  • Motor Turret – 60m

All six of these units are available now. If you have any questions regarding *compatibility, installation, or availability- don’t hesitate to give us a call or use our live chat. Our sales Pros are standing by and willing to answer any of your questions or concerns.  Thanks again for joining us today as we covered these amazing 2 Megapixel fixed and motorized units. If you liked the article or enjoyed the video don’t forget to like and subscribe for more tutorials, features, and product showcases- and Until next time- Stay safe!

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