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Sibell Security Equipment

Security Camera King has been a part of the CCTV industry for over 15 years. One of the reasons our customers are so satisfied and keep returning for their surveillance needs is because we provide unprecedented discounts. We accomplish this by building outstanding direct professional relationships with some of the top manufacturers in the industry. We are able to cut out the middleman and offer wholesale pricing as well as manufacturer discounts. One such manufacturer is Sibell Technology. They design a variety of industry-leading Sibell security equipment such as  IP cameras, High Definition TVI cameras, Quadbrid Digital Recorders (DVRs), Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and a variety of accessories and camera mounts. 

Security Camera King is proud to be the leading distributor of Sibell Technology. Our sales representatives and tech support alike are extremely well versed in their products and can happily help you design or troubleshoot your very own security surveillance system integrating the superb options from Sibell. Read on to learn more about their products, software, and how a Sibell system can benefit you.

Why Invest In An HD Security System? 

So this is the first question we’d like to tackle: why invest in an IP or HD-TVI security system in the first place? The alternative, of course, being traditional analog cameras? There are a few key reasons why the slight price uptick you may see is definitely worth the investment. The first is the longevity of your equipment. While existing analog systems can still run well, their tech and networking methods are extremely out of date. Little innovation is happening in the way of analog technology as the CCTV industry as a whole moves toward HD and IP options. If you have any plans whatsoever to update, expand, or integrate your security system, it is wise not to limit yourself to analog if possible. 

There is also the matter of quality. HD-TVI and IP network cameras can provide 720p, 1080p, and even 4K resolutions. Higher resolution means more detail and a smoother, clearer picture. Some IP cameras even offer full-color nighttime recording, which was not possible with most analogs. Specialized features such as single-cam PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) and analytics are also benefits of IP cameras, in particular. All of these features can be extremely useful in identifying people or vehicles involved in a crime or incident. 

Sibell Security equipment is also superior in its design, manufacturing, and testing. Both Sibell and Security Camera King are proud to bring you some of the most innovative and fairly-priced CCTV products on the market. 


Sibell NVMS v2.0

NVMS v2.0 is the latest web interface by Sibell for system admins to access, manipulate, and monitor their security system. You will need to do a bit of set up to connect your recorder, camera, and the online interface. Luckily, with our free technical support for customers and numerous online resources, set up is quite easy. We can help you get set up and also impart some of our favorite tips. Sibell security equipment has a variety of useful features as mentioned. We are always happy to help our customers utilize their products to the fullest extent. 

One of the first questions discussed is whether you will set up your system using P2P or port forwarding. Once you establish this, with our resources and support, you can make sure your system is connected, communicating, and ready to view remotely. Finally, you can use our simple step by step tutorial to access your system from your mobile device. With remote access to your system, you get a secure gateway to monitor the safety of your home and your family or your business and employees. 


Sibell at

We are so happy to bring you the absolute best in CCTV technology, including the myriad of Sibell security equipment available on our site. We are confident that you will love not only the products but also your experience shopping with Security Camera King. As mentioned, we offer free US-based tech support for the life of your products, we also have efficient shipping times worldwide and free shipping on orders exceeding $100. With our current 4th of July sale, we are offering free shipping on ALL orders as well as 10% off using code SCKJULY20!

Contact us today with any questions you may have about Sibelll security equipment or any of the other state of the art CCTV products we offer. 

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Sibell Security Equipment

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