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8 Camera Security Systems

One of the most popular digital video security system configuration is the 8 camera security system.   This is especially true for the homeowner with no particular reason other than it seems that about 8 cameras can adequately cover both the exterior and interior of the home.   Eight camera security systems are not limited to homeowners by any means; they also are popular for businesses and other commercial uses.  In the following article, we’ll overview the general characteristics of the eight different 8 Camera Security Systems that Security Camera King (SCK) has to offer.  For specific details, see each systems description and specifications on its own web page.

Before we dive right in talking about the 8 camera security systems, there are a couple of things we should mention.  First, security camera systems are referred to as “X number of channel systems.”  When the word “channel” is used in this manner it normally means the same thing as “camera”; therefore an 8 channel digital video security system can use up to 8 digital video cameras.

Secondly, sometimes the term “channel” is used in a different manner, such as channel A or channel B.   This use of the term normally indicates a radio frequency and not a camera, just like the channel on an FM radio or television for example.

Finally, just for clarification, an 8 camera security system with wireless cameras and a receiver that is referred to as an 8 camera receiver with 16 channels usually means that the system can use up to 8 cameras and the receiver has 16 different radio frequencies to choose from (to prevent interference for example).

Now, let’s talk about Security Camera King’s 8 camera security systems.  SCK has eight different complete package systems that it offers, however, for our discussion; we can narrow this down to four.  Here’s why:  SCK offers systems for sale (as well as individual component parts) because we can offer you a more competitive price on a system than by selling you each component separately.  However we also recognize the fact that every system has different needs.

So, SCK has grouped their systems into different packages based on the most common differences it has found between its customers needs.  Therefore, for each type of 8 camera security system, we offer two different cableing/powersupply/connectors solutions.

In our standard cabling systems, we offer two-4 channel (camera) space saving power supplies, 8 plug n play cables pre-terminated complete with connectors.  The power supplies are typical outlet plug adaptors that have four leads, one to supply power to each camera.  The plug n play cables are 100 feet long each and have a BNC male connector for the camera and DVR at each end as well as a 2.5 mm female power plug.

This cabling system is good for runs that are somewhat uniform and/or if you don’t want to hassle with cutting, stripping, and attaching connectors to cable.  If you have any one cable run that is longer than 100 feet in length however, this will not work for you.

For individuals whose 8 camera security system’s design require cable runs longer than 100 feet, or have varied lengths for most of the cameras, SCK offers the bulk cable package.  In this package we offer an 8 channel power distribution box that adequately supplies the power to each camera from one central location, two boxes of 500 foot long Siamese RG59 18/2 combined cable (combines RG59 video transmission cable with 18 gauge 2 wire power supply cable), and no-tools required twist on BNC connectors for the cameras and DVR and 2.5 mm female power plug power leads for the camera power supply.

Considering that each DVR package type offers two different cabling options, that totals 8 different 8 camera security systems that SCK offers at great competitive prices.  These systems can now be compared based primarily on the DVR types which are the Elite-Mini Economy, the Elite Mini HD, the Elite Series, and the Ultimate Series DVRs.

Of course, each system comes with a full complement of 8 digital video security cameras offering 420 TVL of resolution, our Product# OD-LX420IR50, with the exception of the Ultimate packages where we step-up the game to a higher resolution camera of 520 TVL, our Product# OD-LX520IR50. Both cameras are dome types, high definition color and high definition black and white infrared with an infrared range of about 50 feet.

Once again, check out the individual WebPages for more specific information on each of our 8 camera security systems.


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