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Looking for the right business security camera systems for your establishment can seem like a daunting task considering the plethora of different cameras and the unique features they boast. It is important when considering to adopt a new business surveillance system to understand your actual security needs.

Fortunately, with the advancement of high-tech surveillance technology, there is a security camera type (or types) designed for you. Especially since the need for proper security is a priority for any successful business looking to not only protect their property but also the safety and well-being of their employees and customers.

Every business and property is different, therefore having an understanding of how the different types of security camera systems are designed and function is important to ensure your security camera system is proactive and effective at preventing crime, vandalism, and theft. So what are some immediate features you should consider when trying to determine what is the best system for your business?

The following are features that you should consider when choosing the right business security camera systems:

  • Low Light Visibility: This includes cameras with thermal imaging technology and night vision capabilities allowing you to literally see in the dark.
  • High-Resolution Monitoring: Everyone can recall the old fuzzy images produced by outdated CCTV cameras of the past. High-resolution monitoring provides detailed video recording using HD to ensure every video is usable and an image is easily discernible.
  • Video Footage Storage: Images and videos recorded by a security camera must be stored. Modern camera monitoring systems can use physical storage like a local hard drive or be sent to a cloud-based storage service to easily maintain a library of stored video online.
  • Visibility Range: How far or wide the cameras visual range is can determine where to place business security camera systems in and around the property.
  • Remote Viewing: Similar to how virtually everything around us is becoming increasingly connected to the internet so are some security cameras. Remote viewing allows you to access your security cameras’ feeds from a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Weatherproof Cameras: Outdoor cameras will often come equipped with weatherproof features to protect the device from the environment and weather.
  • Automatic Lens Focus: This advanced feature of some modern security cameras allows the system to focus in on specific subjects or details within an image. A clearer and more detailed image can lead to identifying threats early before they become issues.

Along with the unique and high-tech features of modern business security camera systems are their innovative designs. Security cameras come in many sizes and are designed to be optimized for specific security needs.

Continue reading to learn more about these different camera systems and their designs.

Best in Class IP Cameras

Infrared (IR) or Night Vision Cameras
The time your business is most vulnerable to crime is generally at night when it’s dark. Night vision or IR business security camera systems enable users to monitor and capture images and video in low light and at night for twenty-four-hour surveillance.

The advanced IR features can include a variety of ranges allowing the system to capture images from any distance. This is perfect for business owners with a wide open property.

Infrared cameras with full frame illumination can deliver clearer and brighter images and videos in the darkest environments. There can also be a reduction in the bandwidth and video storage requirements necessary to maintain the camera which can save your business money.

Night vision cameras can also use smart IR that can determine and adjust the amount of infrared light necessary to illuminate an area when motion is detected.
Dome or Fish Lens Cameras
Fish lens cameras are an interesting camera design that allows for 180 or 360-degree views of an area. These are commonly used and seen in retail stores but more and more businesses have begun adopting this innovatively designed camera.

Dome or fish lens cameras are ideal for monitoring reception areas, lobbies, open office spaces, warehouses, hallways, and parking lots. Their design naturally obscures the camera lens and feature anti-vandalism protection.
Varifocal Cameras
The limitations of fixed camera designs are surpassed with varifocal cameras that feature a range of focal lengths and can quickly adjust the field of view. This allows a security expert or business owner can easily move the camera and focus on certain details or subjects with ease.

This ensures that you can quickly pan and focus on a specific detail or scene. These cameras are also equipped with an auto-focus lens. This feature makes these cameras ideal for capturing outdoor scenes as sunlight changes.
Hidden Cameras
Using hidden business security camera systems can add an additional layer of protection or used for employee monitoring. Just like in the movies and on TV, hidden or covert security cameras can be disguised as common everyday objects such as AC adapters, smoke detectors, floodlights, or thermostats and are virtually undetectable.

Hidden cameras are the perfect solution for monitoring internal security issues such as employee theft. Usually, criminals are more willing to commit theft or vandalism when they are under the assumption that they are not being watched. 

These hidden cameras come equipped with the same high-resolution images provided by other modern camera systems. This covert advantage ensures business owners will catch thieves and dishonest employees in the act of committing a crime. The hidden nature of the camera also protects the camera from vandalism or destruction.
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Business Security Camera Systems

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