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CCTV Accessories by SCK

CCTV Accessories by SCK
Security Camera King offers a wide variety of security and CCTV accessories that potentially make any job easier than ever. CCTV is an acronym that stands for or closed-circuit television. CCTV is the combination of cameras, and recording devices such as Digital video Recorders and/or Network Video Recorders (DVRs and NVRS). NVRs use IP-based or ‘network’ cameras while DVRs can utilize digital over COAX-based cameras. CCTV is important for several reasons. The first being the ability to have evidence to prove fault in accidents or criminal activity. The second is to monitor events live, so personnel like guards can then react in real-time to something that may occur. Though not its primary purpose, CCTV also tends to act as a deterrent. This is because those whose intention is to commit criminal acts are often swayed from doing so should they see a CCTV system installed. CCTV is both a proactive and reactive security solution.

When working with CCTV technology it’s important to be aware of all the tools and CCTV accessories at your disposal. Some of these tools simply make the job easier or make troubleshooting easier. Other CCTV accessories are absolutely required or needed to get the job done. Security camera king carries all the tools and CCTV Accessories you could need to get the job done, and done right! Let’s take a look at some of these awesome options, what they are, and how they play a part in CCTV!

Mounting Brackets
When you’re ready to put a camera up after testing it, this process is called ‘mounting’. Mounting a camera requires that you possess the proper mounting bracket. These brackets offer secure ways to ensure a camera is properly mounted without risk of it falling, or coming down. We carry brackets for all types of cameras and situations.

Camera Power Supplies
all camera srequire power in order to function. Depending on what type of camera you have, these power requriements might vary. firstly know what type of power connection you need for yoru camera, and how much power it requires. After that, take a look at our power supply offerigs. we carry solutions for single cameras and distrubtion boxes that can supply power to an entire camera system.

When working with IP cameras, youl need the proper networking hardware. For larger installations or external network cameras, its important to have enough POE, or power over ethenet, capable ports on that etwork as possible. We offer regular switches for expanding generic ports as well as POE solutions and routers for managing network traffic on systems with many cameras. Networkign can be tricky, but don’t hestitate to call us if you have questions!

Camera tools and Accessories
There are soem really important, neccesary, and even not requird but good to have accesories for CCTV installation. Youre going to need crimpers if you plan on terminating your own COAX or ethernet cables, and to that end youll also need a trusty set of wire strippers/cutters. If you have PTZ cameras its a good idea to  have a PTZ controller which is a joystick and keyoard for operating these cameras manually. Additionally a camera testing tablet is always a great item to have on hand in a pinch. These tablets can connect to cables, both ethernet and coax, and test the functionaility of COAX cameras using any of the four video signal types, as well as IP cameras too

Storage Drives
When setting up any CCTV system, storage will be required in order to house the video data captured by the CCTV cameras. This comes in the form of CCTV rated hard disks of various capacities. Depedning on your recorder, youll be able to use up to a certain number, and a maximum capacity of total storage disks. If your not getting enuhg footage or setting up a new systen, give our sales pros a call to determine what Hard disk would be best for your needs

CCTV Cables
Connecting your cameras to your recorders requires cabling. this could be COAX cable, cat5e or cat6 Ethernet cable, or even power cable. No matter hwat cable you need SCK has it!

Cables dont work without connectors, take a look at our options for crimping COAX and Ethernet cable ends!

DVRs and NVRs help protect your propety, but who protects the recorder? A DVR lockbox can go a long way to nsuring the recorder is safe from theft or damages. Make sure you get the right size for your needs!

Thanks for joining us today as we talked about CCTv Accessorites! Check out the additional links for more info on some of these ideas! For any questions on product compatibility, availability or any other information don’t hesitate to give our Sales Pro’s a call at 561-288-5258 . Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Tutorials and CCTV info. Until Next time, Stay Safe!

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