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CCTV at Home, why is it important?

CCTV at Home, why is it important?

Hey everyone, Joe from SCK here, and today we wanted to talk to you about why CCTV at Home is so critically important. Likely you can guess that the big reason for this is ‘security, and while that might seem obvious we wanted to talk about exactly how, and what are the best ways, that CCTV plays this role in securing your home.

CCTV is most of what we do here at SCK, we are in fact the Security Camera King, but what exactly is CCTV? CCTV is an acronym, and that is short for closed-circuit television. CCTV has been around for quite a while now but used to be far more common in the commercial sector than in the private sector. When we say commercial, what we mean is businesses, as well as government organizations, farms, schools, warehouses, anything really that isn’t a home where people live.

CCTV is made up of several security cameras, all of which connect to a central recording station. This station is either a Digital Video Recorder for capturing HD over COAX cameras, or it could be a Network Video Recorder for capturing the video and audio from IP or Network-based Cameras. These recorders are referred to in the industry as DVRs and NVRs respectively.

DVRs used to be far more common, and in fact, at one point were the only way of doing CCTV. To top it off, the whole shebang was considerably expensive. CCTV was for a time out of the income range of most residential customers, reserved for businesses or those with additional means. However as time goes on, any technology becomes more and more accessible, easy to manufacture, less expensive to manufacture, and will eventually make it into the mainstream. It wasn’t long before DVRs were something the average homeowner began considering, and with good reason. CCTV provides a layer of both proactive and reactive security measures that is critical to any home defense and security system.

While alarm systems have been fairly common residential security tools for some time now, they can’t compete with the proactive power of CCTV. The only proactive protection an alarm system offers is a small sign in a yard or a window sticker. Much of the time, alarms do their job just a moment too late.

Eventually, even IP, or network camera technology began to become more mainstream and has now gotten to the point where installation of a brand new system, particularly for a smaller or more precise purpose like home protection, can be handled affordably by a high-quality IP camera system and NVR.

So why does one need, or should consider CCTV at home? Protection and security of course! Lets elaborate:

Firstly, a CCTV system is going to provide you with a digital video evidence record of the events occurring where you are filming. That means if anything were to occur, such as vandalism, accident, theft, or break-in, these events would be recorded and logged in your system. Should you need to present evidence to authorities and/or insurance agencies for claims, having this is a smoking gun that whatever you’re saying is the case “is the case”.

To add to this benefit comes into play the proactive power of CCTV- prevention of malicious activity or even an accidental incident. To explain further what we mean is that potential criminals are generally aware of the kinds of obstacles they face when attempting crimes such as theft. This means a criminal will be on the lookout for signs of protection, or coverage such as CCTV cameras. Having certain cameras places so they are visible acts as an incredibly effective deterrent for potential criminals. It is statistically proven that someone intending to commit a c rime is substantially more likely to abandon this goal should they see a CCTV system on site.

Crimes aren’t the only things CCTV has prevented and can prevent. More than once CCTV has saved a child who wandered into a  room or area they should t have been such as a pool, only to be seen at the last second by a parent observing the live view, or who was notified on their phone “pool camera motion event!”  CCTV has saved lives before and will again.

Additionally, there are insurance benefits to residential CCTV systems. Most insurance companies are aware of the deterrent power of CCTV and will offer money-saving discounts on homeowners insurance to those who have elected to install CCTV at home.

CCTV is an extremely important part of any functional security system. CCTV is important too because it helps you keep a visual record of events, and can prevent bad things from happening in the first place! For more info on the amazing tech, and how to achieve total security on-site at your location; Call SCK at 561-288-5258 Today!

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