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Thanks to modern technology, CCTV Surveillance has advanced leaps and bounds over the past several years. Not only have systems advanced but prices have dropped considerably making a home digital video security and surveillance system not just something for the “rich and famous.”

CCTV surveillance or Closed Circuit TeleVision surveillance today inherited its name from many decades ago.  The first CCTV surveillance systems were based on analog and not digital video transmission.  In fact the phrase “Closed Circuit Television” was created in reference to actual television cameras.

Television cameras were originally an analog device; that is their signal was sent as an analog signal.  The analog cameras used for live News, Sporting Events, and other “broadcasts” sent their video signal to the studio for processing.  Here the signal was fine tuned; edited if need be, amplified and sent via large antennas to the open public.  Anyone with a receiver (television set) and an antenna could see and hear the video image and audio sound.

Close Circuit Television used the same type of cameras as the cameras used by television broadcast stations, with one exception.  Instead of broadcasting the signal via an antenna to the open public, CCTV surveillance sent its signal through an individual cable that was connected to a specific video recorder and or monitor.  In this manner, the circuit was not available to just anyone.  It was a “closed circuit” that was dedicated to a particular source; hence the name “Closed Circuit Television” or CCTV.

Although CCTV surveillance originally described television only transmitted through a cable, its meaning is used loosely in that regard today.  CCTV today is not necessarily confined to a video image sent over a cable, but may be wireless as well.  However, even though the video images maybe sent using radio frequency signals, they are still directed for use by a specific or finite group of individuals and not the general public.

As a result of CCTV surveillance becoming digital, it has been able to “piggyback” if you will, on the personal computer industry.  In other words, the digital video security industry has been able to benefit tremendously by the technological advancements of the modern day digital world, namely the personal computer industry.

When technology yields a faster computer processor, so too is there a newer, faster Digital Video Recorder or DVR.  When the computer industry develops a larger hard disk drive, so too is there a larger storage capacity DVR.  When the Integrated Circuit or IC chip becomes smaller and performs more tasks, CCTV surveillance cameras become smaller and so on.  This has resulted in remarkable changes in the video security and surveillance industry.

For example, only those who could afford the older, expensive analog equipment could have a home CCTV surveillance system.  Typically, such a system could only be afforded by the incredibly wealthy or commercial businesses that in essence, had to have them, regardless of the cost (banks, retailers, and industrial applications for example).

Now however, digital video CCTV surveillance systems are economically priced and systems are available that fit just about any budget.  For example, Security Camera King sells its Elite Mini complete package system including cameras, cables, power supply, etc. for only $499.  Compared to today’s average prices, that’s not much of an expense at all.

In addition to reasonable pricing, digital video CCTV surveillance systems have also become incredibly easy to install.  So easy in fact, that a professional installer is not required.  A complete home security system can easily be installed as a do-it-yourself project in one weekend or less.

There are other benefits as well.  A contemporary CCTV surveillance system is no longer a proprietary packaged system.  In other words, these systems are component systems such that cameras, monitors, and DVRs can be used from different manufacturers and with different special functions to “tailor fit” the system to your specific security and surveillance needs.

And the benefits keep coming.  Since CCTV surveillance has become digital that means that transmissions can now be sent via the Internet.  All of Security Camera Kings DVRs have this as a basic feature.  Therefore a security system in Florida can be monitored and controlled by a Internet connected computer or smartphone anywhere in the world there is Internet access.

So, as you can see CCTV surveillance has encountered quite an evolution in less than a century of life.  Only imagination can determine what may be yet to come.


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