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Color Security Monitors1964 was an exciting time in the Queens area of New York City. The World’s Fair was in full swing on 646 acres. The area was full of great technological and scientific changes. The best and brightest minds were present at the World’s Fair. Two of those present were Marie Van Brittan Brown and her husband Albert. She already held several patents and had been working very hard on her newest invention, a closed-circuit television security system.

At the time, Queens was becoming the home to many immigrants. Marie Van “Brittan Brown was very worried about the immigrants that were moving into her neighborhood. It was not that she did not like immigrants. After all, her own parents had immigrated to the United States from Jamaica. But, she felt that some of these immigrants were possibly up to no good. She was looking for a way to keep her own home safer.

She spent many hours working on her new system before perfecting it for the safety of her home. The original system allowed a person to see what was occurring in the bedroom from another room where the monitor was located. The elaborate system was almost unbelievable for the time. The system consisted of a motorized camera. This camera looked through 4 peep holes cut in a door. The peep holes were opened by motors which could be operated by remote control. It was a very elaborate system, especially for the mid 1960s.

Marie Van Brittan Brown and Albert were awarded a patent for their system Dec. 2, 1969. This was the first home security system ever. Home security systems have come a long way from that meager, yet amazing, beginning. From that beginning many hours of research has gone into developing more advanced color security monitors. After all, the whole home security system is only as good as its weakest component. Make sure that your color security monitor is not your weakest component.

3 Types of Color Security Monitors

Color security monitors are one of three types. The first type is the cathode ray tube monitor, more commonly known as the CRT monitor. The second type is the LCD monitor. The third type is the flat screen monitor.

Cathode Ray Tube Monitor

Color security monitors are one of three types. The first type is the cathode ray tube monitor. These monitors, more commonly known as CRT monitors, have shown a recent comeback. Those considering buying a CRT monitor should be aware that they are much heavier than many other alternatives. Therefore, they are best for monitors that will be stationary. CRTs have greater color fidelity than other types of color security monitors. They also have the best contrast. This can be especially important in low light conditions that may exist when all the lights are turned off in a room. A CRT monitor is also the best monitor when the camera angle may be high looking down on a situation. Most CRT monitors have screens that are smaller than 14 inches making them difficult to see in some circumstances.

LCD Monitors

The second type of color security monitor is the LCD monitor. LCD monitors are the most popular choice of color security monitors. The major advantage of LCD monitors is that it is cheaper to buy a larger screen size. The advantage of a larger screen size is that it is often easier to recognize a face faster. It is also easier to see the details of a scene. LCD monitors are some of the most expensive on the market. Since recorded scenes often do not change frequently, the LCD monitor may have trouble recording the scene. The LCD monitor gives the brightest overall picture. LCD monitors come in a variety of sizes. One will be just the right size for your needs.

Flat Screen Monitor

The third type of color security monitor is the flat screen monitor. These monitors are great when space is at a premium. Like the LCD monitor they can have a larger screen size making face recognition easier and seeing the details of a scene easier. Look for a flat screen monitor from a reliable company as these monitors have experienced more technical problems than some other choices.

Primary Considerations

After determining which type of monitor is right for your situation, there are other factors that you should consider.


The cheapest way to buy a home security system is to purchase the whole system at one time. However that is not always practical. If you will be adding the security monitor to an existing system, make sure that the system is compatible with the current components.


The first of these is the resolution. Look for a color security monitor with a high resolution. Many of the new models have 500 lines of resolution. Consider 400 lines of resolution as the absolute minimum. The higher the resolution the clearer the picture will be. This is especially important in low light situations.

Contrast Level

Also consider a color security monitor where it is easy to set the contrast level. This can be especially important when looking at images where two colors in a scene are very similar. When looking for a color security monitor make sure to buy one with a minimum of 1000:1.

Response Time

Look for a color security monitor with a quick response time. In an emergency situation, milliseconds really do count. Look for a color security monitor that has a response time of 5 milliseconds or less.

Display Colors

The last mandatory consideration when buying a color security monitor is the display colors. The higher the display color the brighter the colors will be. It is much easier to see scenes when the colors are nice and bright. Look for a system that has a minimum of 167 M.

Other Considerations

After narrowing your choices down to color security monitors that meet all these requirements, then the choice becomes a personal manner.


The first of these personal choices is brand. There are several brands of color security monitors on the market. Look for a color security monitor from a company that has been in business for several years. This will usually assure you that the company will continue to be around if problems occur with your color security monitor. Many people are tempted to buy an unknown brand, but are you really willing to take that chance with your loved ones and the things you have worked so hard to purchase.


The second of these personal choices is audio. Many people prefer to hear what is happening in a situation. Others do not need this option. Color security monitors with sound are more expensive than those without sound. Another option, is to buy a color security monitor where you can add the sound later should the need arise. If something happens in your home, the best clues may be something that is said, so are you really willing to go without your best clue.

Black and White Option

The second of these personal choices is to buy a color security monitor that will allow you to also view a scene in black and white. Often when viewing a scene in black and white, details will show up that will be missed when viewing the scene in color. You will want all the options that you can possibly have if something happens in your home.


The third personal choice is warranty. Remember that the warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind the warranty. When looking at buying a warranty the first step is to consider what type of warranty comes with the color monitor. Then consider what additional warranties the manufacturer has for purchase. Warranties are often available for purchase from the company that you buy the product from. Generally, the purchaser wants a warranty that lasts a minimum of two years. Longer than that and technology in the industry may have advanced so far that the color security monitor has become obsolete.


The fourth personal choice is the price. Shoppers will generally find that the more that they pay for a color security monitor the better the monitor will be. However, do not be afraid to shop around. Different companies may offer the same product at different prices. Also look at the possibility of using coupons. The most common online coupon on color security monitors brought online is free shipping.


Remember that a home security system is only as good as its weakest component. Therefore, it is important that your monitor will enhance your system. Look for a system that will work with your other security measures. Replacing the whole system at one time is often the most economical method of replacing your color security monitor. When making your purchase, consider the type of monitor that is right for your situation. After that, make sure to consider the:

  • Resolution
  • Contrast Level
  • Response Time
  • Display Colors
  • Brand
  • Audio
  • Black and White Option
  • Price

Do not let your loved ones go unprotected. Buy a home security system today with an outstanding color monitor. Hopefully, you will never need it, but that is just too big a risk to take. Can you really leave your family unprotected? How about the things that you have worked so hard to purchase? Get the very best system that you can afford, but by all means get a system today.

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