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Commercial CCTV Hardware by SCK

Commercial CCTV Hardware by SCK
We are Security Camera King, and today we wanted to talk to you about why it’s important to invest in Commercial CCTV Hardware at your business. CCTV is short for closed-circuit television. A CCTV system is made up of a collection of cameras capturing video and possibly audio, and delivering this captured footage and audio to a central recording station. CCTV systems today can be made up of either Analog or Network-based cameras or a combination of them.

There are several great reasons to install Commercial CCTV Hardware at your business, warehouse, or operations center. Businesses, compared to a home or residence, face unique security challenges to overcome- and it’s important to be aware of these and why CCTV can help. I’m sure you can think of several examples or reasons off the top of your head right now, and they might even match our list. Read on to see our Top 5 reasons to have CCTV at your business.

One major reason it’s important to have CCTV is very simple as a deterrent. A deterrent is anything that actively works to prevent an event of some kind from occurring. In this case, the event we’d be deterring is a crime on-site at the business, and who we’d be deterring are potential criminals. A criminal might have several motivations to be on your property without permission. This could include acts such as theft, vandalism, destruction of property, or any combination. As a business, a given location faces a unique threat as a target because businesses are known to exchange goods and money. This makes businesses, especially retail ones, prime targets for theft.

Generally, CCTV cameras are installed by professional contractors, who know where to strategically position your cameras on the property and the perimeter. This results not only in the cameras capturing the proper viewpoints for vulnerable areas, and important ones, but it also creates deterrents. This is because the cameras will be positioned in such a way that any criminal approaching the perimeter will be likely to notice the cameras. You want this to happen because it is statistically more likely that a criminal will simply give up and attempt nothing if they know a business is protected by a CCTV system. We even carry cameras that possess audio and visual alarm functions called Active Deterrence Cameras!

Another important reason any business should consider having CCTV systems installed on-site is for liability purposes. Liability is the term used to describe the responsibility of a given party in an unfortunate event. For example, a business is liable for the safety and well benign of its employees and patrons or customers. If a person who is at work gets hurt on the job, the employer needs to be able to prove they are not liable for the injury in order to avoid incurring litigation. Most employers will still be required to provide workman’s compensation for the injury or the time, but to what degree is determined by the employer’s ability to show they were not negligent and thus the cause of the injury.
Similarly, if a customer were to fall, or get hurt at your business, you might not be solely responsible and it is good to be able to prove that it wasn’t due to your business’s negligence. Having CCTV footage on file will help your business show it’s done its due diligence to prevent onsite injuries and provide a safe up to code work environment.

Insurance premiums are another important reason to install CCTV at your business. Most insurance companies will provide some kind of discount for having CCTV installed on the premises. This is because insurance is a fallback plan for many of the problems that can be solved by having CCTV, such as property damage or theft. Simply having this system gives your potential insurance provider more faith that they’ll be less likely to have to pay out, resulting in savings for your business’s policy.

Likely the reason most people will think of first is in fact one of the most important reasons to have CCTV and that is crime evidence. In fact, the recording of evidence is the primary reason to have a CCTV system installed anywhere. This evidence can help in liability circumstances, such as the one mentioned above, but can also aid in the prosecution of a criminal. In fact, this reason also ties in with reason #1 as well. Criminals are aware of the fact that CCTV camera systems are recording video evidence, and this awareness is what makes seeing the cameras on site a deterrent in the first place. Criminals don’t want to get caught, and CCTV catches them!

\Last but not least, our 5th reason for having a CCTV system installed is the peace of mind you, your employees, and potential customers will have. Simply knowing that they are protected by a deterrent provides a level of safety, and emotional security any employee deserves to have when at work. Nobody should feel unsafe at their job, or while out shopping. The peace of mind CCTV provides can lead to better employee productivity and certainly, customers who feel safer at your location are more likely to take their business there.

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