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Complete CCTV Systems with SCK
Security Camera King carries everything you need to build complete CCTV systems, and we also sell packages for this too.

When we talk bout complete security, what we mean is of course ensuring that your location has a security system with little to no compromises. Every day there is a robbery or some kind of accident be it man-made or natural disaster that is occurring- we can’t plan for every possible contingency. What we can do however is make sure our homes, places of work, valuables, coworkers, and loved ones are safe and secure!  What this boils down to is that ‘complete security is the idea that for any flaw, or gap one layer has in keeping you secure is then supported by another security layer. This occurs via many security technologies working together with security personnel to form a singular cohesive security system.

Security Camera King is a top retailer of security systems and access control in the USA, and we know what technologies are needed in order for you to keep your location safe!   There are many technologies that can help you achieve this. We’re going to go over what we carry and how SCK can help, as well as what you can do to in addition to this to maximize your security! total security is achieved only when using all of these various components in tandem, not just one or the other. All of these kinds of technologies working together, help create complete security for your location.

What about on-site security and Alarms? These are still important!

The equipment we carry is designed to work with, and supplement local security measures to provide a complete security picture to any given location. This of course includes Security guards and Alarm systems you might choose to employ and install on-site. These technologies are extremely effective, and can even be interconnected with our Security Camera systems, and even our access control systems in various ways to provide a deeper layer of connection. When the alarm goes off during a trigger due to a break-in, our CCTV systems can react directly to this Alarm trigger in order to record every bit of the incident at hand.

Closed Circuit Television, also known as CCTV is a primary measure that no location should go without. Using a combination of cameras, and recording devices such as Digital video Recorders and/or Network Video Recorders (DVRs and NVRS) these systems keep a security record of video footage of the events for locations where cameras are installed. Having dedicated security personell can only strengthen the effectiveness of these systems, and you’ll always have an eye in the sky for when an incident might occur. Even without Guards though, such as a place like a house or an apartment, CCTV can still provide a much-needed layer of security beneficial to anyone.

Our Network-based systems are powered at the heart by NVRs. These devices use IP-based or ‘network’ cameras while DVRs can utilize digital over COAX-based cameras. CCTV is important for several reasons. The first being the ability to have evidence to prove fault in accidents or criminal activity. The second is to monitor events live, so personnel like guards can then react in real-time to something that may occur. Though not its primary purpose, CCTV also tends to act as a deterrent. This is because those whose intention is to commit criminal acts are often swayed from doing so should they see a CCTV system installed. CCTV is both a proactive and reactive security solution.

Security Guards are an effective and helpful means of providing protection on site. We’d never suggest these tools we sell are replacements for real human intervention, but rather tools for you to strengthen the power of your local security measures. In fact, alongside CCTV and Access Control systems, security guards can truly help make any security system complete. Access control encompasses devices installed on-site that control who can and cannot enter or exit through the various doorways, or gates at any given location. Using a combination of Maglocks, Door strikes, keypads, readers, and computer technology, the management of a facility can register employees and guests for access and control precisely who, when, how, and which access points can be used.

Your on-site Personnel can then utilize a central control station to actively and manually allow access in and out of the building, as well as see alerts for unauthorized entry and exit attempts.

Don’t count out your local security measures, but also make sure you have complete security- with Security Camera King!

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