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Magnetic Locks and Strikes

Magnetic Locks and Strikes
Magnetic Locks and Strikes are part of a security system called access control, Security Camera King explains and expands!

At security camera king we specialize in the forefront of security technology and this includes CCTV, access control, cameras, magnetic locks and much more. Most people know us by and for our namesake, Security Cameras because we are Security Camera King! However, we also know quite a bit about Other Security technologies. Firstly, know that It’s a great idea to be considering Access Control in 2022. The security tech has only gotten better, and we can break down what it is and how important this type of tech will be going forward! First though let’s explain why CCTV is so great, and how access control fills out the gaps in your security picture.

CCTV is your first line of defense in any security picture. The acronym CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and is one of the primary layers of security one can employ to try and achieve total security. When we say total security, what we mean is a level of security that is achieved by having multiple layers of security technology working together, to eliminate failure points and blind spots, like the example above. CCTV fills out some of these gaps by allowing you to at the very least catch your intruders in the act and prove to law enforcement, and insurance companies that an incident out of your control occurred. CCTV also acts as a mild deterrent, many thieves will see the cameras and just decide not to try.

However, even CCTV isn’t going to magically reach out hands and stop criminals in their tracks. That’s where access control comes in. So, what is access control? Very simply put, access control is a Security system made up of a combination of electronically driven locks, card, and fob readers, Communication control boards, and PC software all working together to give you control over who can enter, when, and how. With Access control, business and homeowners have much more dynamic control over the printer and exit/entryways on-site than ever before. 

Door locks are the simplest and most obvious deterrent to theft, they make it so a door cannot simply be opened. They also impose laws, a locked establishment that is forcibly entered is a crime. This crime is called breaking and entering as you have likely heard before. However, laws generally don’t stop criminals who act regardless of such societal rules. A criminal who truly intends to get into a locked door likely will, mostly because standard locks are quite breakable with the right force or tools. So what to do about this problem? This is where the combo of CCTV and access control comes in.


Security Camera King carries the hardware needed for Access control, but we want to point out that much of this really requires professional installation. After reading below and learning about all the great security options Access control can give you, we also suggest looking into trusted local contractors to perform the installation of any hardware you purchase.

The access control systems we carry can be made up a combination of electronically driven locks, card, and fob readers, Communication control boards, and PC software all working together to give you control over who can enter, when, and how.

Let’s take a look at some of the hardware involved and what we can use it for:

Types of Access Control Hardware:

Magnetic Locks or Mag Locks are high-powered electromagnets capable of holding from 600-1200 lbs of force shut. that means someone would have to use 1200 pounds of pulling power to rip the maglock open! That is some serious security. The devices are guaranteed to keep your door secure, even if large amounts of force are applied to open them.

Like maglocks, strikes are designed as a lock/unlock solution more advanced than a simple deadbolt. Unlike maglocks, however, strikes don’t rely on high-powered magnets. Strikes are mechanical devices that function similarly to an extremely tough deadbolt. The best strikes we carry are rated for 2200lbs!!!

Like a motherboard in a PC, The access control board is basically the heart of the AC system. All AC devices such as locks, readers, buttons, and even your network, communicate with each other via the board.

Readers –  and –  Buttons:
When you or another authorized person wants to use a door monitored by your AC system, they’ll need to interact with either a reader or entry-exit button. The readers come in a variety of purposes, designed to read Keyfobs, keycards, as well as accept pin numbers. The buttons also come in both push, and contactless varieties to keep a more sterile work environment.

From a local PC authorized for use with the system, you can set up and configure a number of parameters including your authorized personnel, scheduling systems for access, monitor and manually control any door locks or devices connected to the system, right over your Pcs network

Access control is an extremely important part of any functional security system. CCTV is important too because it helps you keep a visual record of events, but access control helps your prevent potentially events in the first place by limiting who is allowed in or out, all under your discretion. For more info on thi amazing tech, and how to achieve total security on-site at your location; Call SCK at 561-288-5258 Today!

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