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One thought on “Elite and Ultimate DVR Overview

  1. CCTV is like having an insurance policy. It’s something you have, in hopes that you never need it. And yet if you need it, you wished you had it. I got caught with my pant’s down because i was one of those small businesses that just could not justify spending $1600 on a CCTV Security System, because i felt it was too much. But hindsight is 20/20. Because i suffered a break in that nearly cost me my business. My advice is spend a reasonable amount on a good system and it will pay for its self in no time. FYI i got my system from the good guys at CCTV Boss. They spend over an hour with me on the phone asking all the right questions, resulting in a system that was perfect for me and within my budget. Give them a try. You can tell I’m a fan.

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