Setting Up Voice Prompts on ELITE Video Recorders
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Setting Up Voice Prompts on ELITE Video Recorders

The purpose of this article is to provide a walk-through in setting up voice prompts on ELITE video recorders. I will be showing you a few easy steps how to set up these voice prompts on the local interface of ELITE video recorders. You can also find a video embedded in this article that provides a visual representation covering the same material below.

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ELITE Video Recorders | WalkthroughSetting Up Voice Prompts on ELITE Video Recorders
Let’s begin the walk-through for setting up voice prompts on ELITE video recorders. The very first step you need to do is right click and select Main Menu in your local interface. Once you have selected Main Menu, proceed to your system settings found in the bottom right-hand corner.

From there, you will see Voice as an option located in the list on the left side of your screen. Then, select Add on the bottom right part of the Menu after selecting Voice.

Setting Up Voice Prompts on ELITE Video RecordersAs an illustrative example, I will be using an mp3 attached to a flash drive. Keep in mind that this file must be kept under 10 megabytes. Once the file has been selected, next you have to import it. So, click Import at the bottom right corner.

Next, you will want to right click and go to Event. Here, you should be in the Video Detect tab. Here you should see Enable Voice Prompts at the bottom of the different options within the Video Detect tab.

Once you have selected to enable Voice Prompts, click the drop-down menu to select your file. This Setting Up Voice Prompts on ELITE Video Recordersis where you should see your file name. Select your file name, then select Apply at the bottom right corner.

Similarly, you are able to do the same thing for you Alarm inputs and Abnormality settings. Once you select either the Alarm or Abnormality tab on the left menu, go down to Voice Prompts. Next, enable Voice Prompts again. Then, select the drop-down menu next to File Name. Select your file name, and hit apply in the right-hand corner. If the Voice Prompts option is already enabled in either of these, remember to still click the drop-down menu next to File Name and select your file and once again select Apply.

That completes the tutorial in setting up voice prompts on ELITE video recorders in the local interface. If you have any questions or wish to watch a visual representation of these steps, please watch the video provided below.

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