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Find our Featured Security Products on our new Facebook E-Commerce Site

by Ryan Newkirk

Find our Featured Security Products on our new Facebook E-Commerce Site

It seems that every aspect of our lives are being tied together via the internet.  Social Networking services are becoming huge parts of our daily lives, and how we communicate with each other.  Security Camera King is proud to be part of this social revolution.  After all, your home security should be a daily concern of yours.  Here’s a few things you can expect to find on our Facebook page:

If you’re looking for a fast, easy, and convenient way to keep up with our newest and best products, the Facebook pages makes your life that much easier.  We will be launching new products throughout the year, and most of them will be announced on our page.  This will keep you in touch with all of the latest and greatest products, and allow you to stay on the cutting edge of technology in a fun and easy to digest format.

Technical advancements can also be difficult to find and stay informed of.  Facebook presents an interesting opportunity for us to help educate you on new developments, and keep you informed on what you could be missing from your security of your family and property.  Facebook is the perfect platform, as it allows us to deliver this information to you in quick and simple snippets, easily digested as you run through the course of your day.

New videos posted regularly.  One of our biggest features on are the videos.  We’re always receiving compliments on them.  We will be posting new videos as they are ready right on our Facebook page. This makes it easy for you to keep track not only of which videos are new, but also when they come out.

New ideas!  When security is concern, having new plans of action and ideas on how to combat the ever changing issues we face can make the difference.  We often post articles on how new products, methods, and tactics that can help you.

Security and crime trends updates.  We are often at the leading edge of crime trends.  We assist hundreds of people with retrieving their footage of break in, robberies, petty thefts, and other occurrences.  Being directly connected to the police and end user allows us a unique perspective on criminal activity.  You can learn about these trends long before they become an issue for you.

Security relevant comedy.  We know Facebook is for fun, and we have a great time with it.  Keep yourself laughing with our silly and dumb criminal videos.  Everything from staged goofiness, to legitimate footage of crimes gone wrong and flat out idiots caught on security cameras from around the world.

Whether you need a smile, a hint, a tip, or just some good information; the Security Camera King Facebook page will have it!  Like us to see it all.  Make sure to add us to your interests so that we always show up in your Timeline streams.

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