HD Security Camera
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HD Security Camera

What are the benefits of an HD Security Camera System?

An HD security camera system can provide your home or business tremendous benefits such as crime deterrence, alarm validation, and deliver peace of mind. Security Camera King offers hundreds of quality surveillance technology products and accessories. Our company’s main focus when we first began to operate was the professional integration of CCTV systems for residential and commercial purposes. Some of the Brands that Security Camera King Provides customers with include:

  • Sibell
  • Elite
  • Prime
  • Techpro
  • Alliance

As we began to gain traction as a company we became more familiar with the specific needs of our customers. This led us to the realization that our knowledgeable technicians could begin to develop high-end security products to our custom specifications to better meet the needs of our customers while also cutting out overpriced technology providers. Once we had developed our new product designs for HD security camera systems and their accessories we established consortiums with the world’s top manufacturers of CCTV equipment and HD security camera technology in order to bring our vision from concept to reality.

Who’s in Need?

There’s a multitude of industries, organizations, and other locations that can benefit from an HD Security Camera System from a quality provider. We understand our technology in all aspects and are consistently working toward the improvement of our product designs. Learning organizations such as schools can be made much safer with the integration of high-grade CCTV technology systems. We know from experience that these learning organizations have had to at unexpected points endure tragedies and criminal activity. HD security camera systems provide the school’s location with a highly valuable protection tool against intruders and can help determine a perpetrators location and identity.

Our team at Security Camera King asserts that “your home is your castle.” an HD security camera system provides your home with the protection it not only needs but also deserves. Statistics have backed the fact that a visible HD security camera installed on your home works as a substantial crime deterrent. Once potential criminals notice that your home is properly secured they are much less likely to target your home for attack or intrusion. All of our HD security camera systems come equipped with remote monitoring capabilities so you can access your home’s security footage from anywhere at any time via your cellular phone or another mobile device.

Car Dealerships are a prime example of an industry that reaps tremendous benefits from HD security camera systems. Security Camera King offers complete and customizable HD security camera packages to get you started on the right track. The automotive industry provides customers with high-value products. Vehicles will most typically range in the tens of thousands of dollars with luxury cars costing much more. As the owner or management team of the dealership, it is important to properly secure the location so that revenue loss is adeptly minimized. With the right HD security camera system, you will never have to worry about the threats of theft, vandalism, or unwanted intruders.

The Technology

Today Security Camera King is one of the most respected providers of state of the art security products in the industry. Our efforts have allowed us to provide the best HD security cameras available to our customers at highly economical price points. Our team of security product connoisseurs can offer you a high-quality HD security camera such as the TVIOD-PR2IREZ. This camera provides users with a Prime HD transport video interface with motorized varifocal capabilities. The TVIOD-PR2IREZ is a 2MP dome camera that transmits video signal via coaxial cable. You will be able to zoom, focus, and change the angle of view for the optimization of the camera’s sight positioning. You will also be able to clearly view all your HD security camera captured video footage no matter what time of day thanks to the camera’s infrared ability.

In order to record and playback the footage captured by your new HD security cameras, you will need a high-definition security DVR. The DVR is one of your HD security camera system’s main components and will have all of your captured system’s footage placed onto a hard drive. Our TRIDVR-EL4ME4 is a 4 channel Elite Mini 1U triple hybrid. This DVR has the ability to utilize 8 channels of as well as well as record in 4MP. This HD DVR system utilizes a Linux operating system and a GUI interface that allow it to also work well as a stand-alone unit without the need for an additional computer.

Security Camera King supplies customers with high-quality HD security packages that include everything that you will require for the installation of a truly professional CCTV security system. Our packages can be tailored to your specific needs making them the perfect option for someone looking to integrate an HD security camera system to their home or business site. Our P-2MP-TVI-8 package is a complete Sibell 8 Channel 1080p HD-TVI Surveillance System. This package includes four 1080p 2MP HD-CVI/TVI/AHD/CCTV IR Dome Cameras and four 1080p 2MP HD-CVI/TVI/AHD/CCTV IR Bullet Cameras for a total of eight state-of-the-art cameras in your HD security camera system.

HD Security Camera


If you are looking to integrate a high-end CCTV system for the better protection of your home or business we can help. Our knowledgeable security product professionals can help identify what products and specifications will best meet your requirements. Security Camera King is the proud supplier of the best security products available at economic costs. Contact us today to have any questions on our products expertly addressed; we look forward to helping select the right HD security camera system for you.
HD Security Camera

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