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HD-TVI Security Camera

HD Analog Technology for Security Cameras first appeared in the Surveillance Industry scene around 2010.  Many HD analog platforms have been developed with favorable outcomes for the end user.  HD-SDI (high definition serial digital interface), AHD (analog high definition), HD-CVI (high definition composite video interface) and HD-TVI (high definition transport video interface).  Although all HD Analog choices deliver the same core advantages in comparison to analog or IP.   Producing the HD video over traditional coaxial cable is the first requirement after that the specifications for each format have pluses and minuses.

HD TVI Security Camera


Each format may differ in separate key categories for HD Analog Security Cameras.  The resolution, transmission distance, camera compatibilities, and configurability are key factors the consumer and installer must take into account.  To make the proper choice it is wise to consult a security camera expert.  Main factors to keep in mind are:  Max Resolution, Video Output Quality, Transmission Distance, DVR Input Compatibility, DVR Hybrid Capabilities & Format Compatibility.  In this article I will cover the differences between the 4 main HD over analog choices.  If you have any questions give Security Camera King a call and their dedicated support staff can answer all questions.  866.573.8878

Max resolution for all 4 types of HD Analog Security Cameras (HD-CVI, AHD, HD-SDI, HD-TVI) is the same.  1080P (1920 x 1080 px).  

Video Output Quality has some slight but noticeable differences to the naked eye.  HD-CVI (high definition composite video interface) is excellent in daylight but your images are not a sharp in lower light situations.  AHD (analog high definition) steps down a bit and your images are not as crisp while color rendering is not completely accurate.  HD-SDI (high-definition serial digital interface) and HD-TVI (high definition transport video interface) both have sharper images and render the true colors 100% naturally pure.


Transmission Distance  will differ depending on your DVR setting.  By lowering the resolution from 1080p to 720p you can get a few hundred extra feet with HD-CVI.  1600 feet at 720p and 1300 feet at 1080p for HD-CVI are the norm.  AHD and HD-TVI both easily travel the 1600 feet max specification without disturbing your quality.  Remember each of the 4 main flavors of HD-Analog security cameras has advantages and disadvantages depending on your surveillance needs.  HD-SDI only travels 492 feet before certain specs are impeded by the distance.  Don’t think of this as a negative – maybe your business or home doesn’t have any distances greater than 500 feet.  A warehouse on the other hand or gas station will required the further distances that  HD-TVI is easily capable of.

DVR Input Compatibility is generally not an issue but the one major factor that almost all security surveillance professionals strictly follow.  Use like branded cameras or brands that have been approved by the DVR Manufacturer.  For instance Security Camera King has many DVRs to choose from depending on your specifications.  They also heavily bench test these cameras with the DVRs for thousands of hours.  This ensures that they will work on any channel and most importantly in any configuration.  Security Camera King has a few core brands which have been vigorously put through the paces.  

HD TVI Security Camera

DVR Hybrid Capabilities has one particular standout that sits in the front of the class by itself.  HD-CVI, AHD, HD-SDI all have limited configurability.  HD-TVI has unlimited configurability and has a new product taking the market by storm.  Sibell produces some great HD-TVI compatible security cameras that work well with DVRs that accept HD-TVI.  Remember it’s best to marry up like branded products or approved products.  Security Camera King approves only cameras which have gone thru exhaustive testing and which have been approved for use with their products.  No troubleshooting on the fly when you purchase your surveillance cameras from Security Camera King.


Format Compatibility  AHD, HD-SDI, HD-TVI all have multiple if not hundreds of manufacturers that use open standards.  HD-CVI used to be the only ball game in town for HD Analog technology and they ruled the security industry for many years.  Dahua is the single manufacturer for HD-CVI technology so they also control their proprietary technology.  This is a main factor for HD-TVIs rapid explosion in the security surveillance market.  With hundreds of manufactures in the HD-TVI arena thus giving you more options in price and technology.

Resolution and image quality are dominated by HD-SDI (high-definition serial digital interface) and HD-TVI (high definition transport video interface).  HD-SDI renders in a slightly higher quality almost not discernible to the naked eye, following right behind closely is HD-TVI.


Video Transmission Distance HD-TVI easily out distances itself from all other HD over analog cameras and their capabilities.  Zero signal degradation for both RG59 and CAT5 when adhering to manufacturer specifications.

Camera Selection & Configuration HD-TVI (high definition transport video interface) easily permits the user to connect with any analog or HD-TVI camera.  These connections can be made on any DVR channel, and HD-TVI is the one and only HD Analog format that can support IP (internet protocol) cameras.

Cost of Ownership HD-TVI (high definition transport video interface), HD-CVI (high definition composite video interface) and AHD (analog high definition) cameras and recorders are available at similar costs to the end user.  HD-SDI (high-definition serial digital interface) is costly and the compatibility issues can become cumbersome during and after setup.

hd tvi surveillance camera

One of the major concepts for having a security surveillance system is peace of mind.  DVR’s and NVR’s have very low failure rates but it can happen unexpectedly from a power surge or lightning strike.  Cheaper off brand cameras are a leading complaint that security experts echo to the manufacturer’s.  Rest assured knowing that your Security Cameras have gone through extensive real time testing at Security Camera King headquarters.  Security Camera King also has a great support staff that can help you with all facets of your security surveillance system.  From the initial consult to taking it out of the box all the way through and past the set up.  When you buy a product from Security Camera King we support it for it’s lifetime.  Give us a call and let our security surveillance experts answer your questions.  866.573.8878