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Installing Security Cameras At Home

Installing security cameras is an effective way to deter crimes. For one, criminals tend to avoid breaking inside homes or businesses that are equipped with video surveillance monitoring systems. Homeowners generally feel more secure and confident about their safety with the use of effective and reliable surveillance cameras for home.

While installing security cameras is an effective deterrent to crimes, one of the most significant factors contributing to the abilities of video surveillance monitoring systems is where they are placed. The placement plays a big role in the success of security devices and that is why you need to carefully choose where you put them. Here are a few of the better locations for installing security cameras.
Entry Doors & Exits
Entry and exit doors are the most important locations for installing security cameras. Here is where you’ll get the best vantage points for viewing and recording usable footage from your video surveillance system. The footage and recordings captured can then be used and recorded for identification purposes. This enhances the chances that the police can locate and arrest suspects matching the images captured.

Make sure you consider installing outdoor security cameras for entrances and exits, too! Having an outdoor camera monitoring your home is often enough to discourage criminals from even trying to break in. It can also help to prevent potential vandals from harming any of your property.
When you are installing security cameras in a hallway, be sure to consider the lighting conditions surrounding the placement. Poor lighting conditions can cause a change in the quality of the footage, leaving the subject dark or indistinguishable in the footage. Instead of a clear and crisp image, there will be little more than a dark outline. Another factor will be the type of security camera lens you have. Some lenses are made for wide views, some for narrow views, and some for general viewing.
It is also wise to consider installing hidden security cameras in areas or places around your home that your valuables are kept at. Hidden security cameras are ideal for monitoring those particular areas inconspicuously. This way the cameras don’t give away the location of your valuables. Be sure to set them up so that they can clearly identify facial features in case an attempt is made.

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Security Camera Options
Surveillance cameras now come equipped with many advancements in technology. Their features cover everything from motion detection and intrusion detection to missing object, thermal imaging, and more. However, not every camera comes with the same features, so be sure to investigate your options fully.

You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with the different types of security cameras. This way you will better understand each of the type’s intended purposes. There are also wireless and wired security camera systems to consider. Both types come with advantages and disadvantages, though wireless surveillance systems are now typically the most popular choice.
Video Recording Devices
It will be important to consider how you want to manage your surveillance footage, as well. If you decide on installing wired security cameras, you’ll want to look into digital video recorders, or DVRs. A DVR requires a direct connection to each of the devices. For this reason, it’s also crucial to know where you place everything. The further the cables are run, the poorer the overall quality will be for the recordings.

However, if you opt for installing wireless network IP security cameras, you will want to look into network video recorders, or NVRs. An NVR connects to IP network cameras wirelessly. Though IP cameras actually process the images themselves, an NVR adds more hard drive space so that you can retain more footage.

Whichever you choose, the final factor you will have to determine is how much hard drive space you will need. Everyone’s video storage space requirements are different and depend on their setup. For instance, some video surveillance monitoring systems are setup to record 24/7. Others are only meant to record when they detect motion. Obviously, these two systems will have vastly different storage needs. Other factors include the resolution size and image quality you prefer.

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Installing Security Cameras

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