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Starlight CCTV For Low Light Surveillance

The innovative technology used in Starlight CCTV cameras allows for unparalleled night vision surveillance in extremely low-light conditions and consistently outperforms similar night vision cameras. Using state-of-the-art software, these powerful Starlight surveillance cameras are able to capture clear, high-resolution images in areas where there is little to absolutely no light.

The latest iteration of these security cameras comes in the form of the Starlight IP Camera. Cameras equipped with Starlight technology are redefining the security camera industry and are engineered with the latest low-light chip-sets currently available on the market.

For the best prices on Starlight CCTV, you can depend on Security Camera King to have just what you need. Security Camera King is an online security camera and surveillance equipment distributor with a wide range of products including cameras equipped with Starlight technology.

Whether you are an individual looking to add security cameras to your home and business or you are part of a company interested in buying bulk quantities, we can offer security products at low prices including those engineered with Starlight technology. Continue reading to learn more about what Starlight cameras are, how they work, and their benefits to consumers.

What Are Starlight Cameras And How Do They Work?

Starlight CCTV cameras are designed with special sensors that can improve the overall quality of night vision in low light conditions. The amount of light in a given area is measured in Lux. Typically, the human eyes have difficulty identifying details when the illumination in an area is below twenty Lux.

Using unprecedented technology, a Starlight camera is capable of delivering clear, high-resolution images in even zero Lux environments. This basically means these cameras are capable of capturing clear visual details in even absolute darkness.

The Starlight camera is able to do this by using state-of-the-art starlight sensor technology. along with sophisticated noise suppression. to produce unprecedented sensitivity and clearer night vision that outperforms comparable competitors. With larger size sensors, reducing the shutter speed, and a wider aperture, they are able to collect enough light to identify details such as a license plate numbers or a human face in low-light conditions and environments.

Unlike color night vision, black and white night vision allows for details to show up clearly in the best resolution possible. Fortunately, you can switch the Starlight CCTV camera manually from black and white vision to color night vision.

Starlight night vision is sometimes compared with infrared or IR, however, the difference in image quality could not be more different. When it comes to image quality and clarity a Starlight camera easily beats the competition because of their use of the natural light available without the need for an IR light to be turned on.

Below are a number of features and capabilities that set Starlight cameras apart from other low light cameras and make Starlight cameras truly special. You can also watch the Starlight cameras day and night comparison to traditional IR cameras in our demo here.

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Starlight Cameras Produce Clearer Images

Starlight CCTV technology uses an extremely sensitive sensor and a certain lens to produce unprecedented, high definition night vision in low light conditions and can even deliver 1080p resolution. Most security cameras are unable to clearly identify important details like faces or license plate numbers in low light environments which can be important to deterring and solving crime.

On a technical level, these Starlight cameras feature 2-megapixel, 1/1.9” progressive scan CMOS image sensor that can capture full-color images while supporting up to a maximum of 50/60fps at 1080p encoding. Wide Dynamic Range or WDR is also used to provide maximum performance in any lighting environment whether it is a blinding day or pitch black night.

Some Starlight CCTV cameras are designed with certain functionalities that can further enhance the effectiveness of these innovative security products. These include such intelligent and smart features as smart video detection, intelligent analysis, tamper detection, heat map technology, people counting, intrusion detection, and even tripwire detection.

Starlight Cameras Have Long Distance Range

IR cameras are designed to depend on the IR light reflection in order to produce images in low light environments but are limited by their IR light. A Starlight camera uses a number of natural light sources to produce clear and detailed images including at a far range.

Starlight technology allows consumers to see further and identify details like individuals across the street and even billboards that are far away. No matter the environment or how dark it may get a Starlight camera can be depended on to identify details where other cameras would fail.

Starlight Cameras Are Generally Affordable

Fortunately for consumers of every financial background, Starlight CCTV cameras are available at a number of costs from the very expensive to the extremely affordable. Some professional-grade Starlight cameras are capable of producing color night vision even in a 1 Lux environment.

Cameras with this functionality will typically cost over a thousand dollars and are generally designed for specific circumstances that require special security considerations. Fortunately, there are a vast number of consumer-grade Starlight cameras designed with enhanced night vision capabilities for residential security which are generally priced at about one-hundred dollars.

What Environments Benefit Most From Starlight Cameras

Starlight cameras with their unprecedented, state-of-the-art night vision technology allow them to be used effectively in a variety of environments including parking lot monitoring, bar surveillance, hotel monitoring, and home monitoring. Some Starlight cameras even meet the requirements for national geographic research and military use.

When exploring deep-sea environments, researchers have been known to use Starlight CCTV technology to identify details including bioluminescent organisms. Consumers don’t need to be underwater researchers to benefit from this innovative and incredible technology.

The advantages these cameras provide in open areas such as front yards, backyards, streets, conference halls, highways, tourist attractions, and even airport runways. No matter the circumstance, Starlight CCTV cameras can provide incredible security benefits and can see clearly in the darkest environment.

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