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IP Camera Features with SCK
Security Camera King is your online source for the newest IP cameras with incredible IP camera features as well as the NVRs to record them. If you’re not entirely sure what it is you’re looking for out of your CCTV system then you’ve come to the right place! Security Camera King is known not only for our incredible products and services but for keeping our customers updated and educated on the newest CCTV technologies available. Awareness is the first step to understanding and that’s why we like to take the time to make sure you, the customer, knows what they’re getting and what options are available to you! After all, what we sell are products designed to enhance your security, getting a product that doesn’t work well for you or performs the way you intended won’t help you accomplish that goal. It’s in our best interest to ensure our customers have all the information they would ever need to make an educated choice and purchase the products that work best for them. So first let’s talk a bit about IP cameras, what they are, how they work, and then move on to some of the best features equipped on the cameras we carry.

So IP cameras function a bit differently than what we call “COAX” cameras, the technology that’s still around but was more prominent before. To understand the difference, know that COAX cameras send a raw digital video signal over a COAX cable directly to a recorder. The recorder then takes that raw digital video signal and encodes it into a hard drive. Encoding is the process of compressing raw video data into a digital file. The goal is to do this while compressing the file with as little loss as possible so that the final result is an image with good enough quality to be close to or right where the raw footage would have been but at a much smaller size than it would have been if uncompressed.

COAX cameras might feature some onboard technology for performing certain actions, such as PTZ motors for panning, tilting, and zooming, but they don’t contain computer chips or behave like computers. They are just cameras, which send their video signal to a central station. That station is the recorder discussed above, called a DVR, or Digital Video Recorder.

Now IP cameras on the other hand work quite a bit differently, and they have a host of amazing IP camera features. Unlike COAX cameras, think of IP cameras as computers with lenses, rather than as cameras first. This is because each IP camera has its own onboard computer, its own processor, and is able to connect to a computer network. When it does this, it will get an IP address, much like any other network computer-based devices such as a PC, phone, tablet, game console, and more. IP cameras transmit network data, over an ethernet cable from their IP address on a network. They send this information to a central recorder as well. More often than not, this is a type of recorder built for working with IP cameras called an NVR, or network video recorder. IP  cameras will usually be PoE, or power over ethernet capable. This means they not only transmit computer network data containing their video footage over the ethernet cable but also receive the power that keeps them running from that same cable.

One of the major features of IP cameras is that they do their own encoding. This is because they each are their own miniature computer, capable of processing their own video footage and encoding it on the fly. Once done,a fully encoded video file is sent over to the NVR. This frees up the NVR from doing any encoding work on its own. For this reason, NVRs working with IP cameras tend to have the most advanced feature combinations out there. This is because DVRs are busy doing so much processing work that their system is not free enough to perform more advanced tasks such as AI-based features.

COAX cameras shave come a long way, and for many, they work great! However, if you’re looking to utilize any of the following amazing IP camera features, IP is the way to go!

Facial Capture and Recognition:
While many of our DVRs are now capable of doing this on one or two channels, IP camera will give you the ability to do this on many more. Depending on the NVR and cameras yous elect, many of our IP cameras can do their facial capture AI on the camera itself. Then, your NVR with Facial recognition can compare these images to its onboard database. Sizes vary from 10,000 to 20,000 images capable depending on the recorder. Compare features such as age, gender, hats, facial hair, and many more!

AI-enhanced IVS and Motion Detection:
While many DVRs have perimiter protection, they’re again limited in how many and which channels can perform it.  With IP cameras you’ll be able to use several channels dedicated to IVS or to motion detection, but wait there’s more! With AI power, these settings can now eliminate targets that arent people or vehicles reducing your false alerts dramatically.

Licence Plate Capture and Database: (ANPR):
We carry Licence Plate Recognitojn capable IP cameras and NVRs which feature ANPR, or automatic number plate recognition. Much like face capture and database, these cameras and NVR working together can snap pictures of licence plates, understand and read the plate # being snapped, and then digitally log that to a database for later comparison. This can be set up to alert you in many ways, using white and black listing as well as app-based alerting!

IP cameras come with amazing features today! CCTV is important because it helps you keep a visual record of events, and can prevent bad things from happening in the first place! For more info on the amazing tech, and how to achieve total security on-site at your location; Call SCK at 561-288-5258 Today!

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