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CCTV and Access Control
Security Camera King provides the highest quality CCTV and Access control products available for retail sale. These types of equipment fall under the category of security hardware. Security hardware components like CCTV and Access control hardware are used to create security systems. These security systems as their name implies are used to protect a location from security threats by way of deterrent and to provide evidence and information in the event of a security breach or incident.  There are so many options and security systems out there which perform a number of functions and provide varying levels of security. Depending on what your needs are you might be able to utilize one or many different types of security systems types at your location to gain more protection than ever before. Let’s talk about the different types of technology featured here, and how they might be of use to you at your location.

Most people are already familiar with CCTV and Access control technologies even if they didn’t know it. That’s because many of the places we go and visit every day feature these types of technologies, and in one way or another, we have interacted with them or been prevented from entering an area because of them. The first technology we’ll talk about is CCTV. CCTV is short for Closed-circuit television. CCTV is used to protect locations by acting as a deterrent in such a way that trespassers are made aware of its presence and choose to avoid becoming filmed for their actions. That’s what CCTV’s primary purpose actually is, to film the location at key strategic points so that it is impossible for there not to be a record of evidence for any potential event that occurs. Events could be a trespassing event, in which unwanted persons are on the property or a specific location of the propety. It could also be a crime of vandalism, in which unwanted individuals damage the property or other important assets which exist on the property such as vehicles or equipment. Of course, there is also theft or robbery in which unwanted individuals will steal things that do not belong to them. Outside of human-caused crimes and issues, CCTV can also gather evidence for other situations, such as insurance-related problems. This could include chemical or physical explosions or damage as well as equipment failures, improper usage or interaction with equipment that results from failure, damages, or injury to personnel, and weather or natural disaster incidents that themselves result in damage to the property.

CCTV Works by utilizing specialized security cameras placed at strategic points throughout a given location. These points are usually critical areas in which capturing secuity footage would be of some benefit. These cameras are then linked back to a central recording station of some kind. This recording station will have a hard drive inside which is keeping a digital record of all the footage captured. There are different types of CCTV cameras and CCTV recorders which could be of benefit depending on your location, and circumstances.

The first type of CCTV cameras and systems you would likely run into, or see installed at a location is COAX cameras and a DVR. COAX cameras have been around for a long time in the CCTV industry. They utilize an RG59 COAX cable to connect back to their recording station, which today is called a DVR. DVR stands for digital video recorder and it is the primary way by which one captures data for these types of cameras the DVR gathers raw footage from the COAX cameras and encodes it onto a disk for later viewing if need arises. This technology started out as analog but now is completely digital itself, allowing for resolutions up to 4k, and features like motion detection. There is also another type of common CCTV technology- IP cameras.

IP cameras and their recorder, NVR, are now more common than ever on brand new CCTV installations. This is because IP cameras require less cable to function, needing only a single cat5e or cat6 cable to transfer their data and receive power. This is because almost IP camera systems utilize PoE or power over ethernet. Besides this convenience., IP cameras feature onboard chips which allow them to perform AIO functions at much greater capacity than their COAX counterparts. They can also utilize many more combinations of resolutions, and much higher framerates as well for smoother images. IP camera systems tend to cost more per unit, but be worth it in every way!

As mentioned before, Security Camera King carried and works with both CCTV and Access Control equipment.

Access Contol is the use of specialized electronic lock hardware, installed at key entry/exit areas, combined with a computer station and digital card readers, and push-to-exit buttons all working together to make a complex but easy-to-use locking system that can track monitor, and limit, exit, and entry. These locks can be magnetic locks, or strikes, electronically controlled by an AC control board. this board is given instructions uploaded from a computer software which tells the board which controls cards are active, what keypads and pins are active, when and where to keep which doors locked given which credentials and so on.

CCTV and access control hardware is important to the security of your location. Our CCTV Cameras come with amazing features today! CCTV is important because it helps you keep a visual record of events, and can prevent bad things from happening in the first place! For more info on the amazing tech, and how to achieve total security on-site at your location; Call SCK at 561-288-5258 Today!

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