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Security Camera King is your number one online source for both COAX and IP CCTV Equipment. In today’s article we’re discussing the latter, IP CCTV Equipment, and some of the excellent options we carry to allow you to create new, or better utilize your  existing IP based CCTV system.

COAX cameras and DVRs are still useful systems, don’t get us wrong, but the newest and most prominent technologies in CCTV will continue to emerge via the IP CCTV field. Strides are made to help COAX systems keep up with the advent in IP, but the truth is that IP-based systems are where the industry is headed and likely one day will completely overtake COAX as the dominant system type embedded in the field.

While a current COAX system might not make sense to change to IP, for newer installs IP CCTV Equipmentis almost always the way to go. Here are 5 reasons why

Reason #1:  Single Cable Solution, Simpler Install
The overwhelming majority of IP cameras available support some form of Power Over Ethernet- or POE. What this means is that rather than running multiple cables for each camera, one for power and one for video, you will be able to simply run a single ethernet cable for each camera to supply both the power the camera needs, and carry its audio/video data. There are some high Powered PTZ cameras out there that still require external power or advanced solutions like ePOE or HiPOE. Not only does this make installation of new cameras much simpler as there doesn’t have to be multiple cable runs for each camera in the system; This allows for many systems, particularly smaller systems to be virtually plug N play when used with an NVR with onboard POE.

Reason #2 Ip cameras can work with existing DVR systems
Most modern Digital Video Recorders (or DVRs) are hybrids which means they will be able to connect to and process the data from both COAX cameras and IP cameras as well. This means that you will be able to add IP cameras to existing COAX systems. In other words, you can take advantage of some of the great network features of IP cameras without having to up-end an entire Coax system on a DVR, replace it with a Network Video Recorder (NVR), and entirely IP cameras. Referring back to Reason #1, adding a few IP cameras to an existing system can be a simpler install than even adding more coax cameras to an existing coax install- saving you time and money.


Reason #3: IP Cameras have Individual deeper levels of Control
While COAX cameras traditionally have some kind of OSD to access their individual settings- doing so is often tedious and unresponsive. Furthermore, the OSD doesn’t always offer the level of depth or ease of control one might hope for when it comes to changing a camera’s settings. One of the great features of IP cameras is that they can be accessed and controlled individually via the network, offering access to camera-specific features that may not even be seen by the recorder. This offers you a dynamic level of control that just isn’t possible with Coax cameras. This makes setting up tours, adjusting Pan/Tilt/ZOOM settings, adjusting color profiles, alarm triggers, and many other options a breeze

Reason #4: Encrypted Digital Data
One of the nicest features of IP cams is the option to encrypt digital data. Enabling encrypting means the video data will be encoded in such a way that is not viewable by anyone who may be trying to maliciously access it. Encrypted data cannot be hijacked as easily or simply as an analog video signal- which can be taken right of an active stream. This offers an additional layer of privacy and protection of your recorded data. It’s important to mention though, that encryption must be manually activated and set up to take advantage of this feature.

Reason #5: Better AI and Analytics Features
Though many DVRs are capable of onboard AI features, there are limits to how COAX systems can do this.  COAX cameras cannot do any AI data processing themselves and instead feed video data to an AI capable DVR, which using its limited resources is then able to apply the analytics and AI on its end. The processor that handles this is a special AI Chip, but it has limits on how many channels of AI data it can process at one time. Only IP cams that are AI or analytics capable can perform that Ai processing on the camera itself, with their own AI chips. What this means is that without the recorder doing the AI work on its own, you’ll be able to use more AI features across more channels. You’ll also be able to use more complex AI features such as Facial Capture and Facial Recognition.

IP CCTV Equipment uses IP cameras and Recorders called NVRs to have the most advanced features available on CCTV systems today. If any of the following interest you, you might be a good candidate for IP cameras:

  • AI Enhanced Permiter protection
  • Human and Vehicle Detection
  • Facial Capture and Recognition
  • Thermal
  • Active Deterrence
  • License Plate Detection, Recognition, and Logging
  • Dynamic control on a per camera basis.

IP cameras are definitely an amazing choice for those looking to have access to the most cutting-edge CCTV tech and are a no-brainer if you’re coming from a position where you absolutely need an entirely new CCTV system. However, it’s worth considering other options if you have a semi-modern, well-functioning COAX system currently installed. Again, always call in for advice from the leading industry pros who can help you determine the best course of action.

As far as features go, our NVRs range in size and processing power from the basic necessities on our 4-8 port units, all the way up to advanced AI-powered recorders that can utilize the newest tech such as:

  • Facial Capture and Recognition database
  • ANPR Licence Plate Database
  • AI Enhanced Intellifente Video Surveillance (IVS)
  • People vs Vehicle
  • SMD Enhanced Motion Detection

All of our NVRs feature Remote Viewing capabilities as long as you have internet connections available on site, as well as basic motion detection, IVS, multiple user account settings, and much much more!

If you’re convinced NVR is the way to go, you’re going to want to pick from a list of the Best NVRS out there, click the link below to see what we have to offer, but make sure to talk to a Sales Pro to be 100% certain the product you’re looking at will accomplish your goals!

Security Camera King Hi-Tech NVRS

We highly recommend that you reach out to one of our sales Pros to learn even more about compatibility, and set expectations for the equipment capabilities! There’s still no way to “enhance” blade runner style using any CCTV system, even with the best AI. outside of that, our NVRs are some of the most advanced on the market today, and all at a price that makes the equipment work for you! 561 – 288 – 5258

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