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Monitoring Gun Safety with Security Cameras

Monitoring Gun Safety

Let’s face it. Gun safety is an absolute must. Whether it is a standard .40 caliber handgun, or an assault rifle (AR) firing deadly .223 rounds down range, the need for proper use skills is monumentally important. Any range you may go to, there will be range officers on duty to help teach and protect everyone. However, the job of a Range Officer comes with great stress and responsibility, so it is impossible for them to see everything. This is why the use of security cameras inside the gun range is vital. The cameras will catch any misuse by shooters, whether it is dangerous or not, when the range officers happens to be elsewhere. This article I will explain some ways of monitoring gun safety with security cameras.

Shooting Range

I have had personal experience with these very scenarios of cameras catching misuse when the range officer has not. I grew up around a variety of firearms so I was introduced to proper handling at a very young age. But, with this particular incident, it was my first time at this gun range. My friends and I were welcomed into the range and debriefed about the rules that could vary from other ranges. We were told that we could have as many guns out at once, but that we could not walk a weapon out of its case from where we shot, to the benches behind us. I misunderstood and thought we had to leave them on the benches, open them, and walk them uncased to the firing position. The range officer was in a different section of the range, so he did not witness our improper behavior. However, a separate employee came through the door and signaled me over to him. He explained what we had done wrong, and told us to grab our things and leave. He pointed to the little camera in the corner, indicating what had notified him of our misuse. After I explained that it had been a simply misunderstanding, he agreed to let us resume shooting.

Bullet Security CameraThe camera in the corner that the employee had referred to was, ironically enough, a “Bullet” camera. offers several different types of Bullet cameras. Some particular Bullet cameras that would benefit a gun range would be the IP based, analog, or HD-CVI cameras. One of the most suitable cameras could possibly be the OB-LX700IR100L2812-W, as it is an outdoor, analog, Bullet camera with a varifocal lens. This would be an ideal choice for an outdoor pistol/rifle range that has over 25 lanes. This camera, along with several others, would greatly increase the safely levels of any range. Also, cameras are of high importance in the entrances of ranges, in order to detect anything and everything that steps through the door.

Gun SecurityWhen it comes to gun safety, a gun range is not the only place a camera is necessary. Here at, we provide the Boca Raton Police Department with a great majority of their security systems. Envision a gun vault in a police station; this would have be to be monitored around the clock to ensure there would be no unidentified people stealing any of the weaponry. In order to increase the security even more, offers explosion proof cameras. If an intruder was to try to blow off the doors to the vault, the cameras would still be fully functional and all video evidence would not be lost. These explosion cameras exist on, as the Explosion Proof PTZ Surveillance Camera With Wiper. The wiper accessory on the camera is great, as it will wipe away any debris that might happen upon the camera.

Gun SafeHome owners that own their own gun safe or gun cabinet should most definitely consider this as well. Just because they are locked does not mean they are completely 100% safe from the family members that may or may not know where they are. To all the fathers out, there think about it. Yes the safe is locked, but say you were cleaning a gun used recently and go to the kitchen for a drink. God forbid your little girl or boy wander in and find what’s in daddy’s now open, and accessible gun safe. If you had a mini alert alarm on that door (also offered here at you would know when that little boy or girl walked in that room and you could prevent anything bad from happening. Also if you have a teenage kid and he/she likes to sneak off in the woods by the house and shoot random things, if there was an alarm contact on the door to the safe it could trigger your DVR to record and this is also a great way to utilize the TechProSS App for IPhone and Android.

TechProSS Apps

The second that alarm contact is triggered and the DVR begins to record, you could get an alert on your phone and now you know it is time to handle this situation. On the contrary, an IP-based camera system may be more effective, even though the app is a great tool to monitor home away from home. If you have an IP-based system you don’t even need the NVR. All you would need to do is have a monitor set up at work or wherever you spend most of your time while away from home and watch a live feed of all your cameras through the IP (Internet Protocol) address.

Those are few out of several ways Gun Safety can be monitored using security camera systems. Whichever you believe will work best in your benefit, I’m positive we can take care of you at Do yourself a favor and visit us online at to get started monitoring your gun safety.

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