Motion Activated Security Camera; Smart Motion Detection Cameras
Motion Activated Security Camera

Motion Activated Security Camera

Security Camera King was one of the first online companies to offer hd security cameras with free remote viewing apps over 10 years ago.  Smart devices came on the scene around that same time.  Everyone remembers the first generation Apple iPhone and the huge impact it has made worldwide.  The motion activated security camera is one of the strongest tools for preventing crime aside from having a security guard.  Security Camera King is proud to be one of the few select companies that carries the innovative security surveillance camera brand from Sibell Technology.

Sibell hd security cameras have the Sibell Mobile App that is free for remote viewing.  Having a motion activated security camera will deter crime and allow you to keep an eye on your most valuable assets.  Business owners have generally embraced having security camera systems as a cost of doing business.  Lately homeowners and residential communities have gotten on board and have widely accepted the security camera solution for around the clock security.  One of the main reasons for the widespread acceptance of having a motion activated security camera has largely been due in part to the effectiveness and low cost.

Motion Activated Security Camera

It is hard to believe that in this day and age some business owners still don’t incorporate commercial security camera systems.  Below we will look at multiple recent incidents where one business greatly benefited (saved $250,000) and the others substantially lost (well over $500,000).  The recurring theme for the businesses that lost a great amount of inventory was not having security surveillance in place.  The business that saved itself had one single reason for saving their inventory.  One simple motion activated security camera at the entrance of the business.

The business that employed a motion activated security camera were able to notify police immediately once they viewed their security cameras remotely.  Once motion was detected the owners of the business were alerted via text message from an app that someone was entering their business property after hours.  Thieves were attempting to steal a $250,000 SeaVee boat and $10,000 boat trailer.  Police arrived on the scene just as the thieves were attempting to haul away a brand new quarter million dollar vessel.  They did not make it very far as police arrested the culprits and the expensive inventory was instantaneously returned to the rightful owners.–law/breaking-man-caught-boynton-after-stealing-250-000-boat/paVx48BUHZ8lRd4MzbQNDI/

The businesses that wished they had used some type of motion activated security camera system lost 15 brand new cars.  Eight from one car dealership (Tampa) and seven from another car dealership in West Palm Beach.  Had either one of these car lots employed either a security guard or a security surveillance system none of this would have happened.  The likelihood of ever seeing their inventory again has completely vanished into the thin of the night.

West Palm Beach–law/police-four-men-stole-cars-hours/8vrrViXnkfnVTbTkdPv9kN/


Two different scenarios with two very different results.  One company had to replace a twenty dollar lock while both car lots incurred massive losses.  Chewing up your profits in one night because:

1)You were too cheap to invest in a low cost security solution!Motion Activated Security Camera

A)After hours licensed security guards can range around $95 per night for 12 hours (Year round cost $34,675)

B)  A low cost extremely affordable HD Security Camera System from Sibell Technology for around $212 will allow you to remotely view your cameras at all hours.

2)  You just did not have the foresight to anticipate thieves targeting high dollar inventory attached to wheels.  More than likely those cars have hit the nearest international port and are headed to some third world country where retrieval is next to impossible.

Call Security Camera King if you have any questions about installing a Security Surveillance System with a Motion Activated Security Camera (s).



Motion Activated Security Camera

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