Commercial Security Camera Systems
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Commercial Security Camera Systems

Security Camera King is introducing a new line of Commercial Security Camera Systems.  The Sibell Brand was engineered and designed to be an affordable security surveillance solution for businesses that require durability and HD (High Definition) video quality.  The Sibell Mobile App is a great tool for accessing the highly powerful web client software allowing you to control easily with the touch of a finger.  Sibell Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems have a wide range of products that are adaptable and flexible for many different industries.

Commercial Security Camera Systems

The Airline industry has embraced Sibell for many different large security surveillance projects for airport monitoring.  All types of housing developments including apartments, hoa, gated communities, neighborhoods and whole communities have utilized Sibell commercial security camera systems for protection.  Car lots and auto dealerships have an inventory that not only carries an expensive price tag but it is also easily moved to another location via four wheels.  Banks and financial institutions were at the forefront of embracing HD security surveillance products.  Construction related industries have always been prone to loss of expensive equipment and materials.  

Commercial Security Camera Systems

Hospitals and Healthcare interrelated companies are implementing security surveillance for a myriad of reasons.  The hospitality industry is now ramping up security surveillance efforts to better protect their hotel properties.  Parking lots and storage facilities are highly trafficked areas with a transient population that houses high dollar assets.  Restaurants are subject to many frivolous lawsuits due to slip and falls plus customer / employee disputes.  Retail establishments including:  Malls, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations and any business that has goods available to the general public can use commercial security camera systems to better protect their inventory.  

Schools, Colleges and all levels of learning institutions are employing varying levels of video surveillance with live remote monitoring.  The ability to protect large gatherings of persons better with remote video surveillance is the latest tool security experts are utilizing.  The combination of security surveillance products and live remote video monitoring has proven to be one of the most effective security tools available today.  Almost all insurance companies offer discounts for having security camera systems for your business.


  • HD over coaxial Security Cameras [HDTVI, HDCVI AHD, 960H]
  • IP Network Security Cameras [2mp-5mp, Starlight, H.265, ONVIF]
  • NVR (4 channel nvr, 8 channel nvr, 16 channel nvr, 32 channel nvr, 64 channel nvr),
  • DVR (4 channel dvr, 8 channel dvr, 16 channel dvr, 32 channel dvr, 64 channel dvr), Quadbrids
  • HD over coaxial Recorders [HDTVI, AHD, 960H, IP]
  • NVR network video recorders [2mp-5mp, User-Friendly, H.265, ONVIF]
  • Accessories: Mounts, PTZ Controllers and much more


Sibell is your turn key security surveillance solution ready to go out of the box with full US based technical support.  If your business or residence is in need of commercial security camera systems give Security Camera King a call.   866.573.8878


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Commercial Security Camera Systems

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