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Finding The Right Commercial Surveillance Cameras

Commercial surveillance cameras are a practical resolution for keeping your business secure. Unlike many of the cheap security cameras widely available in major retailers, commercial surveillance cameras will provide you with more functionality and applications.

Better still, commercial security cameras will generally save you more money in the long run. More importantly, they will actually provide you with useable surveillance footage that makes identifying criminals possible.

There are a lot of different commercial surveillance cameras for sale, though, which means you will need to know what to look for. You can find some of our expert tips for finding the best commercial security cameras suited to meet your goals below.

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Finding The Right Commercial Surveillance Cameras
Security and surveillance technologies have come a long way in recent years. The general idea that commercial grade security camera systems are expensive, bulky, and produce fuzzy, dark images in simply no longer true.

With all these improvements, it will be important to know how to determine what it is exactly that you should be looking for. Here are a few things to consider before you begin comparing security cameras to each other.

Where do you plan on placing your security cameras?

Distance and range will play a major role in placing commercial surveillance cameras. Even if you only plan to mount one or two security cameras, you’ll want to take note of how far they are capable of monitoring clearly.

The same goes for monitoring large indoor areas, such as a warehouse or storage facility. Different types of cameras come with different lenses and choosing the wrong lens is one of the most common mistakes people make.

Determining the range and distance you’ll require for both daytime and nighttime surveillance monitoring will help to eliminate many cameras with a lens that isn’t suited for that field of view. For help finding the right camera lens, use our CCTV Lens Calculator.

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Are you wanting wireless security cameras that are Wifi compatible?

Wireless network IP cameras are the most common choice now in commercial video surveillance systems. The reasons for this is that analog security cameras require a wired connection with a DVR that degrades video quality if the connection is further than ~750 feet.

Rather, wireless commercial grade IP cameras transmit digital data wirelessly, maintaining the integrity of high-resolution video recordings. IP cameras have many other advantages, too, such as easier installation and movement in case your security needs change.

However, you will need to consider if using IP commercial surveillance cameras will require an additional, separate network due to bandwidth limits. If you are unsure, we recommend speaking with an expert before making the wrong investment.

How much video storage space will be required?

The applications for commercial surveillance cameras far outrange only video surveillance monitoring. You’ll need to know what it is you’re looking to achieve first to make determining your video storage space requirements.

Without enough hard space, you could lose important recordings before you even know you need to look for something. What use is there for having commercial surveillance cameras protecting you if they don’t provide you with useful information when you need it?

Get a rough idea of how many cameras you’ll have in the system, how many hours/days of recordings you’ll want to retain, how high you want the resolution, and what frame rate you want the cameras recording in. From there, choose a DVR or NVR that meets or exceeds those specifications.

For help finding the approximate disc space you’ll require, use our CCTV Hard Drive Calculator.

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Commercial surveillance cameras are an excellent way to accomplish a number of different goals. Commercial video surveillance systems allow users to monitor their property remotely while away from the premises, deter crime from happening, increase productivity with employee monitoring, give visitors a sense of security while on-site, and many other applications.

Their diverse capabilities and increased affordability make commercial grade security cameras an expected, if not necessary part of most budgets. In order to get the most value from your investment, it’s recommended you speak with an expert first to ensure no aspect was overlooked and you aren’t making a common mistake that’s easy to avoid.

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Commercial Surveillance Cameras

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