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Applications Of Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

There is no shortage of valid reasons for owning a security camera video surveillance system. Using commercial video surveillance systems, however, give business owners and commercial property investors the most advantages.

Commercial video surveillance systems come with more functionality and better technology than low-grade video surveillance systems. They are also easier to add to in the future as you surveillance goals change and the ability to adapt becomes necessary.

Better still, commercial security cameras are much more affordable than they were even five years ago. The ability to buy commercial grade surveillance cameras is available for just about any size budget given the widespread availability of security cameras, surveillance equipment, and CCTV products online.

It is, however, important to know why you want a video surveillance system before you invest in any new products. Though peace of mind might be the most common answer, understanding the various purposes for commercial video surveillance systems will help you to determine the best items to purchase.
Applications Of Commercial Video Surveillance Systems
Anyone who has an interest in security and surveillance will be familiar with the phrase “peace of mind” and how it is an invaluable commodity. The sentiment is true and security cameras certainly do give us a sense of peace.

However, to actually protect and secure the things you want to keep safe will take more than simply installing security cameras in random places. Security cameras actually have a variety of purposes, which is one reason why there are so many different types of security cameras to choose from.

Whether that goal is to prevent theft from happening, to be able to check on a location remotely, or something different is completely up to the user. There are, however, a few common applications for commercial video surveillance systems that can be separated by types of property.

Video Surveillance For Small Business

Commercial video surveillance systems in business settings come with the most diverse and numerous types of applications. Listed below are some of the more common goals to achieve with video surveillance for small business settings.

Accountability & Honesty – People, in general, have flaws. Fortunately, statistics have proven something as simple as being under video surveillance is an effective way to keep people honest. Be it employee or customer, anyone who is tempted to steal from a business is far less likely to do so while knowing there is proof of their theft being recorded. Plus, criminals know there are easier targets to choose from that have far fewer risks involved.

Shopping Patterns – Successful corporations use commercial video surveillance systems to monitor customer shopping patterns. This gives them the ability to know what route their customer take and what areas contain the most traffic. The data can then be used to determine where to place certain merchandise and market new products they want to be featured.

Transaction Disputes – The customer is always right is a statement that doesn’t apply to every scenario. Having security cameras in place over cash registers will give you the ability to prove what types of bills were tendered and how much change was given back. This is an exceptional advantage especially for retail stores, where transaction disputes can become almost a daily expectation.

Employee Monitoring – There are plenty of ways that employees can steal from a business. For instance, inputting the wrong denomination into cash registers and pocketing some cash is always a possibility. Also, employees who are not working during the hours they are clocked in are stealing time and lowering overall productivity. Employee monitoring keeps workers from stealing and motivates them to do the various duties they are paid to perform when working.

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Video Surveillance For Warehouse / Factory Settings

Commercial video surveillance systems are commonly used in warehouse and factory settings for a few practical reasons. Listed below are some general applications of video surveillance for warehouse and factory settings.

Inventory Control – Any business owner knows that every item in their inventory is an asset that costs money. Monitoring those assets will give you the ability to exactly where each item has gone and who was responsible for moving it from the location it is stored. This can be hugely beneficial if you have high-value items or regular stock shortages.

Proof of Theft – A break-in is a potential at any location where items are stored. If a break-in occurs, a police report will need to be made regarding the incident along with a report to be given to insurance companies. Commercial video surveillance systems can help to provide them with the proof they need to take the break-in seriously, improving their ability to catch the perpetrators and return any stolen items.

Preventing False Claims – An accident that happens during work most often leaves the business liable to any damages. With commercial video surveillance systems in place, false claims can be negated quickly so that you aren’t held financially responsible for an on-site accident. It will also be able to show if the accident was caused by personal neglect of safety regulations put in place.

There are plenty of other valid reasons that commercial video surveillance systems are so widely used in business settings. The important thing to remember is that cheap security cameras that don’t come with commercial grade surveillance technologies are limited in their functionality and could fail you when you need useable information.

To get help determining what the best commercial video surveillance systems are for your preferred applications, we recommend contacting a security expert. Their knowledge of different products, uses, and functions will give you the advantages needed to achieve the peace of mind you deserve.

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Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

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