Commercial Camera Surveillance Systems
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Commercial Camera Surveillance Systems

Any business owner or property manager needs to know the value of what commercial camera surveillance systems present them with. Commercial security cameras alone have advanced in ways that bring once futuristic goals into modern, everyday reality.

Today, commercial grade video surveillance systems are in use for many different applications that exceed simple theft protection. Business security and surveillance carry with it the potential to protect on-site visitors and employees, boost production, and improve day to day operations, to name a few.

With the best commercial camera surveillance systems in place, businesses have seen improvements to their bottom line while protecting their most important assets. However, in order to achieve any significant business surveillance goals, you must first know what applications you are looking to accomplish.

Determining your preferred applications will then allow you to look for commercial camera surveillance systems designed for those tasks. Before you end up buying the wrong products or a failing surveillance plan, make sure you determine each factor found in the article below.

Considerations For Commercial Camera Surveillance Systems

Most people who work outside of the security and surveillance industries are not keeping up with any recent developments. This often leads to either becoming convinced the commercial camera surveillance systems they have in place are enough or making poor decisions when it comes time to buy new products.

The truth is that the most common mistakes people make are simply due to ignorance regarding advancements in surveillance technologies. Determine each of the factors below to eliminate falling victim to these same mistakes and improve your chances of having a business surveillance plan that works.

Security Camera Placement & Lens

Because security cameras are designed for different settings and have typically come with a lens intended for an ideal environment, you need to know a few things. Figuring out where you should place your cameras for optimal viewing is a good place to begin doing this.

This will give you the ability to learn what the exact distance and range capabilities of your cameras will need to be. This includes indoor camera placement, outdoor camera placement, and any size open area that needs monitoring.

With your distance and range measurements, you will be able to avoid what is one the most common mistakes people make – choosing the wrong camera lens. For help finding which lens has coverage over the field of view you need, use our CCTV Lens Calculator.

Affordable Security Solutions

Wired or Wireless IP Security Cameras

The benefits of using wireless IP security cameras that can connect to a Wifi network has made IP camera surveillance systems that most popular choice for commercial grade CCTV products. This is primarily due to the fact that analog security cameras need to be directly connected to their DVR and can only be connected as far ~750 feet before the video quality begins to degrade.

Commercial grade wireless IP cameras send their data digitally over the network they are connected to, retaining the ability to retain its quality. Also, IP cameras are fairly easy to install and can be easily moved to better places if and when your surveillance needs change.

You will, however, need to determine whether or not a separate Wifi network will be required and figure that into your budget. Speak to a security camera expert for advice if you are unsure which choice is best for your business.

Video Storage Hard Drive Requirements

Commercial grade security camera surveillance systems can be used for many reasons, all of which will require different video storage capabilities. You will need to have an idea of what sort of length of recording history you’ll want, how many cameras you’ll have, and any applications you’ll be wanting.

Also, commercial camera surveillance systems that are set up to only record when motion activated versus 24-hour video monitoring will need much different hard drive sizes. Figure out the number of cameras you will have in place, the resolution size you prefer, the frame rate you want, and how far back you’ll want to have access to.

Collect that information and get the answer you need with our CCTV Hard Drive Calculator.

Speak With Industry Professionals

The very best advice for investing in commercial camera surveillance systems is to speak with professionals in the security and surveillance industries. They have the experience to know what you should be looking for and can help ensure the CCTV products you want are suited to accomplish your goals.

Contact Security Camera King and speak to our team us security camera experts for purchasing advice and browse through our extensive collection of security cameras and surveillance equipment online.

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Commercial Camera Surveillance Systems

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