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Commercial Security Systems With Surveillance Cameras

Protecting your assets, employees, and property from security concerns is an important aspect of business operations. Most modern businesses understand this idea and know to invest in some type of commercial security systems with surveillance cameras. Because of this, now the advancements in security and surveillance technologies are now in use across almost every professional industry.

Deciding what sort of commercial security systems should be put in place is not a uniform choice, though. Different applications and settings will require different security and surveillance products in order to be actually effective. For example, a small security camera for indoor offices would be of little use for monitoring a big warehouse or outdoor parking lot.

In order to best understand which CCTV products you will need, you’ll want to take into account a few important factors. Determining some simple things like coverage distance and range will also help you to reduce the amount of time you spend searching for the best products available.

In the article below, I will take a look at some of these factors more in-depth. I will also provide a few practical tips to help make finding the best commercial security systems with surveillance cameras easier. Of course, if you would like to receive direct help with developing a custom video surveillance system suitable for achieving your goals, contact Security Camera King to speak with one of our experts.
Selecting Commercial Security Systems With Surveillance Cameras
It’s not uncommon to find business owners that believe their current video surveillance system is sufficient. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? The problem with this erroneous mentality is that there are many flaws in these systems that are widely known and capable of being easily exploited by even amateur criminals.

Another common issue we also hear about is people buying commercial security systems with surveillance cameras that are ineffective for their intended uses. People will either choose to buy cheap security cameras as a way to cut costs or be ignorant in what they are purchasing. The following four areas, rather, will help you to avoid these problems and get the most out of your purchase.
Understanding Lens & Security Camera Placement
Though the style and design of a security camera are important, it isn’t the most important aspect to consider. Rather, the security camera lens should be chosen to gain the best possible coverage and the highest level of clarity. And in order to select the proper lens, you’ll need to know distance and range.

Find the places you plan to place your security cameras and then measure their target distance and range. These measurements will help prevent you from making the common mistake of choosing the wrong lens type. Knowing how far the security camera should be able to reach will make it easier to reduce the overall number of products you have to choose from, as well.

Certain lenses are meant for a narrow view, such as hallways and corridors. Others are best used for wide views, such as a yard. Still others are mostly ideal for a general viewing setting. If you are unsure which lens would be best, try out the CCTV Lens Calculator.

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Determine Wired or Wireless Network Cameras
Wired security cameras, while still useful, are no longer the industry standard. They require direct connections where the security camera feeds its recordings to a video recorder, which then process the images. Wired surveillance systems only have a limited field of connectivity, as well, and video quality begins to degrade after exceeding about 750’.

Any out-of-date commercial security systems with surveillance cameras will have a wired setup. One of the most common changes to consider will be upgrading the system to a wireless setup instead. Wireless IP Network surveillance systems connect over Wifi and will be able to adapt to more advancements moving forward.

IP cameras are generally easy to install and easily moveable, if necessary. Fortunately, investing in wireless network security cameras is not that expensive anymore either. If you do not know whether your current system is wired or if you should upgrade to wireless, your best bet will be to speak with an industry professional.
Know How Much Hard Drive Space You’ll Need
To get the most from commercial security systems with surveillance cameras, it’s paramount to take video management into consideration. Different scenarios and applications call for different hard drive spaces and video management devices. For instance, wired surveillance systems will use a DVR while wireless IP systems will most likely use an NVR.

On top of device type, the length of recording history will also need to be taken into account. Do you want to have a month of recordings or only one or two days? Will you be constantly recording or only record once motion is detected?

How many cameras you have, what resolution you want, the frame rate, and how far back it reaches will all need to be factored in. If you want help with finding the right hard drive space, try out our CCTV Hard Drive Calculator.
Get Professional Advice
Probably the best recommendation we have for new and even seasoned security camera users is to speak with an industry professional about your surveillance goals. Like ourselves, security and surveillance professionals are familiar with the latest technologies and can help prevent you from making common mistakes before buying.

Fill out our contact form to speak with a member of our sales team about determining which products are most suitable for your applications. We take pride in helping customers get the very best solution and would be more than happy to assist you once you are ready to proceed.

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Commercial Security Systems

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