Pinhole Security Camera
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Pinhole Security Camera

Security Camera King is a leading provider of wholesale security and surveillance cameras and equipment located in the South Florida area. Our unique relationships with manufacturers of innovative products like the pinhole security camera allow us to sell these items to our customers at wholesale, low-cost prices. We distribute our security cameras and surveillance equipment throughout the world and remain involved in all pertinent areas of the security industry.

The pinhole security camera is one of the newest additions to our long list of security cameras and surveillance equipment. It has capabilities that enable it to be placed in inconspicuous locations while fully monitoring the location and feeding the recording to an accompanied digital video recorder (DVR) or a network video recorder (NVR). The ability to hide the pinhole security camera in plain sight is what makes it so unique and allows the user to obtain surveillance footage without anyone knowing there is a pinhole security camera watching. Due to their small size, the pinhole security camera is easily concealed and often set up to appear as a natural looking item like a socket or switch.

The pinhole security camera is the perfect addition to any person’s spy collection. We often see people use it in private residences once they have workers present in their home. The unfortunate reality is that theft is a fairly common occurrence, but with the pinhole security camera, you can easily catch any video footage available if a crime has been committed.

Security Camera King provides a diverse selection of modern CCTV cameras and surveillance equipment. In addition to the pinhole security camera, we also assist people in setting up entire surveillance systems for their home or business, make security recommendations to get the most of your surveillance system, and partner with companies that manufacture, distribute, and monitor surveillance equipment.

The small size and ability to capture security footage while hidden inside of other objects is what makes the pinhole security camera unique. This applies to all of our surveillance equipment at Security Camera King. We provide a variety of different types of security cameras for any number of various uses. Each specific type of security camera is made for specialized uses, and the main types we offer at Security Camera King are listed below:

  • PTZ Cameras – Our PTZ, or Pan Tilt Zoom, camera types are some of the most popular and efficient state-of-the-art designs that enable the user to remotely change the viewing area of where its lens is pointed. This also includes the ability to zoom sometimes as high as 30x into a specific area for additional details for increased security.
  • Dome Cameras – Our dome cameras are normally found to be most useful in indoor settings. They are some of the easiest cameras to install and have a vandal-proof option to alleviate any concerns regarding camera tampering.
  • Box Security Cameras – The original design for security cameras and the most common types found in an outdoor setting, these are dependable and can come with any number of different lenses for higher resolution images.
  • Bullet Cameras – An easy to install weather-resistant security camera type perfect for novice surveillance system installers.They come with a number of different lens options and can be used in indoor or outdoor settings.

There are many other surveillance accessories that complete a full security system. No pinhole security camera is of much use without the ability to retain any footage picked up by this inconspicuously positioned surveillance tool. Security Camera King carries a variety of the best digital video recorders and network video recorders. These different DVR and NVR systems contain different levels of storage abilities and are necessary to look back into if any criminal activity happens to occur on your property.

Security Camera King employs a team of highly skilled security technicians that have experience in everything from installation to tips on how to prevent your surveillance systems from being hacked. They know the best way to conceal any pinhole security camera and how to make the most of any surveillance system. We also partner with other companies like e-Line Technology and Digital Security Guard to provide every necessary service involved with a pinhole security camera or a surveillance system. e-Line Technology is a business that specializes in the manufacturing of high-tech security cameras, such as the pinhole security camera, and allows us to distribute our CCTV equipment at wholesale prices. Digital Security Guard is a remote monitoring security agency that acts in place of a traditionally manned system and can provide around the clock security protection for any size surveillance system.

Connecting your pinhole security camera to a network system can be complicated, which is why our team of professional security experts delivers tech support and setup assistance for all surveillance systems. Each surveillance system brings with it a variety of different network connection options and device software to make sure you are getting the most from your pinhole security camera and surveillance system.

Our mission at Security Camera King is to share our expert knowledge in the security and surveillance equipment industry to customers in need of property protection. We specialize in private and commercial surveillance needs and offer the latest innovative surveillance technology, such as the pinhole security camera or cameras equipped with Starlight IP night vision capabilities.

To learn more about our new pinhole security camera of about who we are at Security Camera King visit our website at Security Camera King. If you have any questions for us then Contact Us at the link provided. Allow us at Security Camera King to bring you peace of mind and provide you with complete protection.

Pinhole Security Camera

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