Florida Medical Cannabis
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Florida Medical Cannabis

The laws for Florida medical cannabis have been changed recently and have opened up the ability to sell medical grade marijuana for any medical patient in need of its medicinal benefits. The distribution of Florida medical cannabis is an extremely regulated industry with strong oversight from the Florida state government that calls for strict protocols for complete compliance. Any Florida medical cannabis dispensary is aware of these significant legal details and, as such, has to incorporate a wholly modern surveillance system to remain in business. For all of your Florida medical cannabis security needs, there is Security Camera King.

At Security Camera King we distribute the best high tech surveillance equipment at low prices and have been a steadfast security business in the medical marijuana industry. We hold offices in Boca Raton, FL and Wheat Ridge, CO. These locations enable us to address all medical marijuana security needs throughout the country and have given us the opportunity to be involved in the growth of the marijuana revolution.

Many Western states have voted for the legalization of medical marijuana, which has trickled all the way down to the South-eastern region of Florida. The laws for Florida medical cannabis have existed for quite awhile, but put serious limits on the THC content in any products provided for this medicinal service. Recently the state of Florida voted to update their previously accepted legal regulations surrounding Florida medical cannabis and by doing so they have allowed dispensaries to carry better products for the entire Florida area. Multiple Florida medical cannabis dispensaries have either already opened or begun the process to do so and are all in need of advice to keep them operating legally within the parameters of our justice system.

For complete legal compliance, our Florida state laws call for a thorough operation security system that can retain weeks worth of video evidence delivered by modern surveillance equipment. This is where our company at Security Camera King comes in handy for any Florida medical cannabis facility. Security Camera King is an online distributor of wholesale surveillance equipment and has a lengthy role in assisting medical marijuana facilities. The primary reason we opened our facility in Wheat Ridge, CO was to address the growing need for security advice in medical and recreational marijuana grow houses and dispensaries.

With Colorado leading the way, many other states realized the overall economic benefits of decriminalizing and legalizing the use of marijuana. These states each have their own individual laws but one commonality they all share is the need for a fully operational surveillance system. Hidden in a number of specific legal statutes are technical descriptions of what is necessary for each medical or recreational marijuana facility to remain in compliance with their state laws. For Florida medical cannabis dispensaries or facilities these statutes read as follows:

  • Florida Statute 381.986, Section 6– Overall, the Chapter 381.986 statute is the original laws associated with Florida medical cannabis. They once called for a low THC content but have since been updated to allow all marijuana to be included in any prescription for Florida medical cannabis. Broken down, this legal statute also addresses finer security details in the Florida medical cannabis industry:
    • (d) To ensure the safety and security of its premises and any off-site storage facilities, and to maintain adequate controls against the diversion, theft, and loss of low-THC cannabis, medical cannabis, or cannabis delivery devices, a dispensing organization shall:
      • 1.a. Maintain a fully operational security alarm system that secures all entry points and perimeter windows and is equipped with motion detectors; pressure switches; and duress, panic, and hold-up alarms; or
    • (b). Maintain a video surveillance system that records continuously 24 hours each day and meets at least one of the following criteria:
      • (I) Cameras are fixed in a place that allows for the clear identification of persons and activities in controlled areas of the premises. Controlled areas include grow rooms, processing rooms, storage rooms, disposal rooms or areas, and point-of-sale rooms;
      • (II) Cameras are fixed in entrances and exits to the premises, which shall record from both indoor and outdoor, or ingress and egress, vantage points;
      • (III) Recorded images must clearly and accurately display the time and date; or
      • (IV) Retain video surveillance recordings for a minimum of 45 days or longer upon the request of a law enforcement agency.

None of these are possible to obtain without implementing modern surveillance equipment in a thoroughly protective security system. Security Camera King is an expert in the surveillance market and partner with other security-related businesses to bring our clients the best in manufacturing, engineering, monitoring, and supplying security equipment. We understand that each of these areas is significant in fully realizing our surveillance equipment with modern technology. We supply a variety of different security cameras that specialize in indoor and outdoor locations, are able to see in complete darkness, and also provide all necessary option to your security footage picked up by our surveillance systems.

Each location calls for a specially designed surveillance system that is unique to the surrounding environment. To deliver this Security Camera King parts with other security-related companies to completely deliver our products. e-Line Technology is a leader in manufacturing surveillance equipment and our relationship with them gives us the opportunity to sell security cameras and associated products at low, wholesale prices. TechPro Security is a security camera installation company that will freely come survey your location, offer their expert opinion on how to best implement your surveillance system, and will give you a free estimate before installing any purchased surveillance equipment you have requested. Digital Security Guard is remote monitoring service that brings the option to have 24/7 monitoring at a low cost for your property.

For more information regarding our security equipment for the Florida medical cannabis facility investigate our website at Security Camera King and Contact Us with any question you might have regarding Florida medical cannabis compliance or for assistance in opening your medical marijuana dispensary. For more information on Florida medical cannabis compliance read our article on Cannabis Security.

Florida Medical Cannabis

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