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Preventing DVR Theft or Destruction

Would you like to know some of the best ways to prevent DVR theft or abuse? Well I’m going to try and help you out with that. Look at it this way, a break in is the last thing anybody wants, but at least you are prepared for it. That is assuming you have an operating security camera system. But, is security cameras being hung on your walls really the last step. Contrary to popular belief it should not be the final step to being prepared for a break-in. Let’s say the burglar smashed the DVR or stole it, what would you do then? Sure if you had an IP based system you could just search the IP address without the NVR being present, but what if they cut the power? Wow, you would really be out of luck at that point. Although, those scenarios are a terrible thing, there are a few precautionary measures that can be taken so these would be harder to accomplish. Now, I can’t promise 100% success will come from these steps, because let’s face it if somebody wants something bad enough they will get it. These few extra steps will not only make it a chore for the perp., but he/she may not even know they are there.

First off, the hanging of a security camera is merely a step in the process of setting up a security camera system. First we ask the big question, IP based or analog, both come with pros and cons. Next is the purchasing of the equipment and the install. This is where things begin to get very important and strategic. Having a DVR or an NVR is based off whether or not you have an IP or analog system. Then we ask the strategic placement of cameras, where they will be mounted, where they will be looking. Once all that is established the wire must be run through the walls and/or the ceiling.


Take a second to really think about that. This means the wire can be run to just about anywhere you would like. This is the perfect time to choose where to place your DVR to prevent theft or destruction. If placed in the ceiling the wire will be ran up through the walls to the attic, with everything hidden, leaving no trail to figure out where it’s hidden.


There is a little problem with that particular spot, the heat. Remember heat rises, so needless to say the attic will be the hottest place in a house. This may cause an issue with the life span of a DVR or NVR. There is an extra step here given you choose the attic as your hidden spot. Here at TechPro Security Products we offer DVR and NVR Lockboxes with built in fans to help keep your DVR cool during its time spent in the attic.

DVR Lockbox

Talking about the lockbox, there is also the option of using just that. With the lockbox alone there is no need for hiding the DVR/NVR. This may not be as effective as a great hiding technique, but for those who want the DVR/NVR in plain sight for personal preference this would be the way to go. Although this is not my favorite method of theft prevention, it is most certainly an effective way to prevent the theft of a DVR/NVR. This would be an easier method for a standard homeowner with an 8 to 16 channel security system due to the fact that running all that wire through the walls may be overkill. With the lockbox locking away the DVR/NVR the burglar will not be able to access the unit without certain tools I seriously doubt they will be carrying to a break in. The cool thing about these lockboxes is TechPro Security Products offers horizontal and vertical mounts if you wanted to mount it to the wall. Not to mention the size of the DVR/NVR does not matter, we offer two different sizes of Lockboxes one to fit ideally with the full size and the other to fit with the mini-series.

Backup Battery

Another great idea would be to hook the DVR up to a battery backup. This would go great with any solution you find fit, and would protect the DVR from being cut off from power. The battery backup will continue powering the DVR if the power were to shut off this way no recording is lost. Battery backups range in size from small single cells to retain clock time and date in computers up to battery room facilities that power uninterruptible power supply systems for large data centers. This being said, make sure you get one relevant to the task at hand. As an addition to the battery backup, a good thing to think about would be a camera that has the option to put an SD card in it.


This may not prevent the DVR itself being destroyed or damaged, but if there was a hidden camera with an SD card built in then there would be uninterrupted footage of what really happened. There are several packages we offer like this, but a few are a wall clock camera with SD DVR and an 8GB SD card, Alarm clock camera with SD DVR and an 8GB SD card, and an air freshener camera with DVR and 8GB SD card. Feel free to take a look at many more options we may have to suit you

Although a security camera system is a great way to monitor what is happening around your house or place of business, this may not be the solution to any problems. The purchase and installation of a complete alarm system along with the DVR/NVR and security cameras may just do the trick. Then we ask the age old question of how to keep these things safe from destruction or theft. Talking about the DVR/NVR alone this may not be the hardest task in the world, just takes a little prep and strategy. The way I see as most effective is hiding it in the ceiling or attic. As long as there is something keeping it cool, whether it be a lockbox with a built in fan or whatever you may come up with, it will more than suffice when it comes to keeping it safe. Either way there are plenty ideas out there that can easily fit your needs.

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