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Residential Security Camera Systems & Why You Need One

With residential security camera systems becoming more and more affordable, many homeowners are deciding to adopt their own home surveillance plan. The benefits to owning home security cameras cover a wide array of different things that include the obvious security advantages along with other, slightly more uncommon ones.

As security and surveillance technologies continue to improve at faster rates than ever before, homeowners looking to buy residential security camera systems have never had as many impressive choices as they do now. This article will cover a few of the reasons to utilize home security cameras to successfully achieve your own home surveillance goals.

Reasons To Use Residential Security Camera Systems

Home Security Cameras Have Never Been So Affordable
Not all that long ago, owning a full home security camera monitoring system was an expensive luxury many families simply couldn’t afford. Even as little as a decade ago, it was rare to walk into a home and see a fully operational home surveillance system with security cameras monitoring both the interior and exterior.

Thanks to a mixture of advancements in CCTV, security, and surveillance technologies along with a decrease in the cost for the materials needed to make high-quality products, cheap security cameras are now available for anyone’s budget. This steep drop in prices and increase in what home security cameras can achieve has led to residential security camera systems being an almost expected part of private home ownership.
Deterring Residential Crime Before It Happens
Statistics have shown that something as simple as putting a sign saying something like “This home is protected by an alarm system…” is no longer nearly as valuable as it once was. Seasoned criminals know these tricks and have found ways to either bypass detection or get in and out before responders come to the activated alarm.

Instead of having a reactive security plan, now homeowners have decided to use residential security cameras systems to make a proactive security plan. Aside from being able to capture and identify suspects on camera, in the event a security camera detects unusual motion or activity notifications can be sent directly to a phone so that you can see what is happening.

In fact, many home security cameras come equipped with a microphone to that you can speak to unwanted visitors directly to let them know they are being watched. Moreover, criminals understand there are easier targets without active residential security camera systems and generally will choose those once they become alerted to the fact they are on camera.

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Checking In On Kids, Pets, or Elderly Family Members
Another significant advantage to owning residential security camera systems is that you have the ability to remotely view what is happening from anywhere. Now that remote viewing is standard in home security cameras, the ability to see a live feed of your security camera from any network connected device (ie. smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.) is always just a few clicks away.

This gives parents the ability to check in on the kids after school or while they are away, including whenever a babysitter has been hired to watch them for the night. It also lets you make sure an elderly person hasn’t fallen or gotten into some sort of medical emergency that requires immediate help.

Lastly, a newer application for residential security camera systems is checking in on the pets to make sure they haven’t gotten into anything they weren’t supposed to while their owners are away. All of these applications can be freeing and give users an opportunity to relax while away from their home.
Saving Money On Homeowners Insurance Premiums
A lesser-known benefit to owning residential security camera systems is that many homeowners insurance policies will provide discounted rates on their premiums if they know home security cameras are put in place. Because of their ability to deter criminals, prevent vandalism and theft, and protect against fires, these discounted rates can range in numbers as high as 20% depending on the system put in place.

That makes residential security camera systems a worthwhile investment for property owners that could potentially pay for itself in only a few years of use. It’s worth contacting your insurance provider to learn more about what sort of discounts they offer for implementing a security camera system at home.

If you are interested in adopting a residential security camera system and would like help selecting the best home security cameras for your own surveillance goals, read Tips On Buying Security Cameras For Homes. You can also contact Security Camera King to speak with a surveillance expert or call 866-573-8878 for further assistance.

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Residential Security Camera Systems

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