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residential security cameraOne of the most important things you can do for your home in today’s society is to make sure that it is secure. The best way to do this is to install a residential security camera. Your home is an expensive investment, so you need to make sure it is as safe as absolutely possible. If you do end up becoming the victim of a robbery or other form of crime, having a residential security camera will prove to be extremely helpful in catching the perpetrator. It will not do you any good to have a camera, unless you have the perfect hiding place.

You will have the peace-of-mind that you are looking for in a residential security camera. You will be able to look at what is going on in your home while you are away at work or travel, as well as monitor your home from a remote location. There is also the ability to be able to record and monitor the outside and inside of your home through the use of a residential security camera. They are going to provide you with the real-time monitoring that you are looking for, but at a price that is affordable for almost any budget.

Your typical security monitoring system is going to come complete with your choice of a residential security camera, processing unit, monitor and a digital video recording device. There are a lot of systems that are capable of using your computer as a replacement option for the monitor, processor and digital video recording unit. This is going to save you even more money than having to buy the complete system right from the start.

Multiple camera uses

Your residential security camera could be an indoor or an outdoor type of camera. Outdoor cameras are different from indoor security cameras in the sense that they are enclosed within a case that will protect them from any of the elements that the weather may throw at them. You may often find that the outdoor cameras are given a rating in association with how much damage they are able to sustain from the elements. The majority of outdoor security cameras should have a rating of IP66 or IP67.

Both of those ratings ensure that the camera housing is going to protect all of the internal components from any potential dust or dirt that may be in the air. That rating also ensures that your camera will be able to withstand the powerful spray of water from any direction. Your camera with a rating of IP66 or IP67 will be able to withstand water depths of up to one meter, so you can rest assured that your camera is taken care of.

A residential security camera is essentially a Closed Circuit Television camera that is capable of producing a high quality color video. The cameras will also be able to produce a quality video image in a setting where there is low light or no lighting at all. The image sensor chips that are within the cameras are a Charged Coupled Device. The circuit chips that are integrated within the cameras are able to produce an electrical impulse from the light that will be focused on them from where the lens is. The electrical impulses are actually then transmitted into digital video data down the line.

Day and night vision cameras are able to produce a high quality video within a low lighting condition. Night vision security cameras are capable of producing high quality color video as long as there is a small amount of lighting and a high quality monochrome video would be produced under infrared conditions. Night vision security cameras work by producing their own IR light to be able to light up the targeted area. Typically, these cameras have a wide array of IR Light Emitting Diodes that are going to envelope the camera lens and make sure the target area is covered with IR light. The light may be seen by the CCD, but it will be invisible to the human eye. The LEDs are essentially like a hidden spotlight. These cameras tend to work wonderfully when used as a baby monitor, since they can record audio.

Residential video surveillance systems

Residential security systems are able to operate on their own through the use of a DVR to record the video and they can also be networked. You can network these IP cameras through the use of the Internet, which means that you are able to monitor your home at any time or any place through the Internet. This type of security camera is extremely useful for anyone who has to travel. They are also great as a nanny cam, since you will be able to monitor your home while you are at work.

There are a lot of other features that are available on the residential security camera. The cameras can be purchased with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities in addition to their other regular features. You will be able to position the camera and move it horizontally or vertically to be able to increase your range of view. The zoom lens will also be able to enlarge the subject using the telephoto lens.

Residential security cameras are able to be used anywhere throughout the home, regardless of if it is inside or outside. There are multiple recording and monitoring options that are available for your new security cameras and all of them are available for purchase and installation for a price that anyone can afford.

There are a few simple places that you may want to consider when looking to hide your security camera.

Plantsresidential security camera

They are often the most overlooked places to hide your residential security cameras. You can choose to make the most out of even the smallest in potted plants or the biggest trees to implement the perfect placing of your security cameras. Everyone has flowers, flower pots or some type of tree around their home. Now you can place your residential security camera within a flower or a plant, so that way it will be hidden.


It doesn’t matter what type of security camera you have because they can all be hid within a plant, tree or even vine. Your camera can be hidden either on the inside or the outside of your home. Plants can be strategically placed within your home, so that way you will have plenty of different angles to choose from when placing your security cameras.


There is always the possibility that the tree limbs may move and obscure the visibility of the camera, so you may end up with a partial image.

Surround Sound Speakers

The majority of us all have a surround sound system within our homes, or else some other type of speaker that is used on a regular basis. If you are able to use your surround sound system that you have installed in your home, you will have multiple speakers surrounding all of the different areas of your room.


Surround sound speakers are the perfect place to hide your residential security camera. Even if you decide to place the cameras behind or atop one of the speakers, you are still going to have a wide viewing area.


Even though this is a great option for hiding your cameras, you may encounter difficulty in hiding them or wiring them. There is always the possibility of having to upgrade to a wireless security camera to eliminate the need for wires. You are not going to be able to utilize a standard residential security camera in this situation. You are going to have to get one of the smaller micro cameras to install within this situation.

residential security camera Closets

Any closet with shutters can become the most convenient location to hide one of your security cameras. You may be able to have the closet where you want to place the camera be used as the perfect landing place for monitoring the room.


You will be able to hide the cameras within the closet and allow the perfect opportunity for the lens to be able to capture the entire room through one of the shutters that is partially opened. This method for placement will be one of the hardest to detect. Anyone who is not an expert is not going to be looking for a camera within one of the closets. There is always the option of placing the cameras higher or lower within the closet to achieve the desired view.


The only downfall that you may encounter when you are moving your clothes around in the closet is that you may potentially move the camera. However, if you place the camera in the close securely, the potential for movement will be avoided.

These are just a few of the options for hiding your security camera. You can choose to hide your residential security camera within any number of places around your home. The possibilities are virtually endless with your new security camera.

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