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Outdoor Dummy Camera

outdoor dummy cameraOne of the first CCTV systems installed as a deterrent to crime, and to identify criminals was in New York City. The New York City Police department first installed a CCTV system in Times Square in 1973. According to many experts at the time, cameras would prevent crime. Soon shop owners along the streets wanted to catch vandals and shoplifters the same way. However, they simply could not afford a CCTV system. Shop owners instead opted for fakes or what they called knock offs. The outdoor dummy camera was soon to be popular. Today cameras are a part of everyone’s life. They are as common as the phone booth used to be.

Sometimes It Does Not Take Much to Plant Uncertainty

In years past to deter vandalism and theft, businesses and homeowners used signs. Owners quite often used beware of dog signs as a deterrent. Thieves and malcontents could never be sure if there were dogs on the premises. Just the thought of one turned many around. Another popular sign was this area is protected by patrolling armed guards or guard dogs. Once again, criminals and vandals were left with uncertainty. Today homeowners can use an outdoor dummy camera in lieu of signs.

Criminals for the most part do not have time to determine whether a camera is real or not. In years past further investigation determined the guard dog signs where decoys, in some cases. Everyone is accustomed to seeing the grainy stills or videos of criminals caught in the act. Law enforcement typically displays these images in hopes of solving a crime. No one wants his or her image broadcasted over the nightly news. This is why cameras prove to be an effect crime deterrent. There is no disputing a picture or video of someone with a hand in the cash register.

Unlike signs warning of guard dogs, people cannot determine whether an outdoor dummy camera is a decoy. Most just simply assume they are real. Criminals do not want to take the chance of being wrong. The possibility of being recorded while committing a crime stops most individuals. The uncertainty keeps many people from going any farther.

What Does a Fake Camera Look Like?

The ideal decoy camera is a real camera stripped of all its electronics. They are of course, less costly than the real ones. The housing is authentic with the correct cables and wires still visible. The cameras can have a battery operated light that blinks periodically to lend authenticity. Some of the more sophisticated ones have a motion detector, as well. The camera will swivel when motion is detected. They are typically operated by a battery pack. They look real because they are. The only difference is they are not recording or transmitting any images.

Can Just Having an Outdoor Dummy Camera Be Effective?

Yes, they can be effective, because no one really can be sure if they are real or not. The key to effective security is not letting anyone see behind the curtain. It is recommended that you install them yourself. Make sure they are not haphazardly placed. Locate them as if they are real. Purchase quality units, which are still considerably less expensive than real ones. The quality decoys will have the cables and wires attached and come with mounting hardware.

Nothing is more ominous than a camera staring back at you as you drive up to someone’s home. You wonder if anyone is watching you, and if your every move is being recorded. Criminals and opportunists have the same thoughts.

Do not brag to your neighbors about how you may have fooled any would be intruders. You may be on excellent terms with them. However, a dropped comment by them in a coffee shop can be your undoing. Install the majority of the cameras prominently. Have one covering the front entrance, on the security gate, and one covering the driveway. Reserve several for concealment.

Give Them Something to Think About

Why conceal an outdoor dummy camera. Criminals look for cameras in the obvious spots. They know they are there, and many are convinced they can circumvent them. They believe you are an amateur. By placing the cameras in obvious locations leads them to think this. They will look however, beyond the obvious and discover the hidden ones. No one will believe that you would hide a fake camera. It is all about properly staging the scene. They will move on. Criminals use the path of least resistance. Anything you can do to instill doubt in their minds works in your favor. Cameras leave no doubt.

The stripped cameras are economical, and this allows you to install more. Practically speaking, you cannot have too many but you can overdo it so to speak. Anyone trying to defeat a security system or someone installing one knows the cost. In other words, having what appears to be thousands of dollars in equipment installed everywhere can backfire. It may be a clue to someone who has gotten to know you and your financial situation. Be careful because, the criminal may be someone you know.

Someone Is Getting To Know You

Professionals will study a home and the occupants to determine worthiness. In essence, they want to see if you have something of value that can be stolen and turned into a profit for them. They do not want a physical encounter for the most part. They simply want what you have. They do not want to be caught or recorded. They take pride, in many cases, in their abilities to blend in.

They can be anyone you have met at a coffee shop, barber shop or hair salon. They do not stop at the first house they come to and start smashing windows. They typically strip your home while you are gone. They only do this after calculating their profit and loss. Loss to them is a prison sentence. Profit is anything they can carry off without being detected. They continually weigh their options. It is unfortunate in today’s society, but you have to be careful of whom you talk too, and what you tell them.

An Outdoor Dummy Camera Can Complement a Real One

You may only have one real camera so far, and it is used to screen visitors at the front entrance. Adding additional cameras at this point only enhances your security profile. It shows you are aware of the dangers, and have taken steps to protect your family and property. Criminals do not like people who are paying attention. They make poor targets, and it requires more work on the thief’s part.

Security systems are not, all, or nothing. They can be improved upon over time. Using fake cameras is a deterrent, and it will give you peace of mind. They make an excellent start to building your security profile. They are quite similar to the signs used in the past. However, there is a major difference, and that is, everyone will assume the cameras are real.

It Is Not About Reality but Perception

What is a security profile? A profile is how you look from different angles. Your security profile is constantly being observed by would be thieves. Opportunists look for the unattended purse or briefcase. They look for people pulling money from their pocket to drop a few bills. They are always assessing situations, looking for careless people. Using an outdoor dummy camera gives an impression that cannot be disproven. That is why not letting anyone know the true nature of things is important.

Security is a serious concern, so when installing the non-operational cameras give the impression of real work going on. Burglars always drive by their intended targets in the daytime. Do not give out any information through your actions to anyone. Set the stage, by using a two-way radio to have a pretend conversation with someone supposedly inside checking the camera view. Adjust the cameras, stand back and talk into the radio.

Burglars often use open houses conducted by real estate agents to gain knowledge about a neighborhood. Realtors are very talkative. So whatever the neighbor, that is selling their home, knows about your house, the Realtor will also know. Make the installation realistic enough to convince your neighbors. This is part of your security profile. Convince everyone you are being proactive about security.

outdoor dummy cameraThere Is a New Brand of Criminal Out There Today

Theft borne out of desperation and frustration is becoming more common. Individuals are being laid off in record numbers. These individuals are not professional thieves. They have families to feed and bills to pay. They are losing their cars and homes. They begin stealing thinking there is no alternative. However, many are looking for any excuse not to go through with it. Staring at a camera as they sneak on your property is all the excuse they may need. They attempt break-ins because of desperation. All they need is an outdoor dummy camera as an excuse not to break into your home.

Do Not Buy All of the Same Style

You may be thinking why not buy all the same kind, it is cheaper. Again is goes back to the perception and proper staging. There are certain designs for specific areas. The camera over the front door should be one that provides a 360-degree view of whomever maybe standing there. This keeps people from ducking out of the camera’s view. Cameras that pan can be timed so someone can slide under the view. Motion activated ones are fine, but many thieves pass a hand in front to swivel them out of range of their face. The dome styles are excellent and they are flush mounted on the wall well out of reach. The camera is only there for one purpose and that is to screen visitors.

Along driveways is where a motion-activated camera is beneficial. The camera will follow any vehicles as they drive by. Use fixed bullet cameras on security gates to monitor anyone driving up to the gate. The motion activated one picks them up as they pass and the dome camera screens their face at the door. Someone seeing all the same type of camera may become suspicious and begin to wonder. Give the impression of a strong security system. Do not cut corners and just hang them anywhere to get the job done. Make sure they are mounted properly and facing the correct directions.

Place an outdoor dummy camera on the back of the house to cover the back yard. It would appear odd to have all the surveillance equipment out front. When someone walks or drives by, they should see solidly mounted cameras that appear to be covering designated areas. Check the cameras frequently to make sure they have not moved out of position. An individual spotting a camera pointing straight up may begin to contemplate the seriousness of your security.

Make a point of informing contractors and cleaning services that you have cameras installed. You can make a point of locking the office if you have one when at work, and you expect someone to be in your home. This furthers the allusion. They will naturally assume the receivers and or monitors are in there. Explain to any older children if it is required, what the motivation behind the outdoor dummy camera is.

Decoys and misdirection have been used as a means of security for centuries. The Quaker gun is a prime example of a decoy. Used during the 18th and 19th centuries the Quaker gun was a log made to resemble a cannon. It was painted black and deployed on the battlefield to fool the enemy. It was of course designed to make the opposing force believe there was overwhelming fire power being brought to bear. The hope was, the enemy would either surrendered or retreat.

This is what you want your security system to depict. Make it appear, as if, your home is not worth trying to break into. Show everyone you have all the bases covered by presenting a show of force, but in this case a show of cameras. Visit our wide selection of security cameras today!

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