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Security Camera System Upgrade

Security Camera System Upgrade
Hey everyone, Joe from SCK here to remind you that it’s a new year and time to explore your options for a security camera system upgrade. Here at Security Camera King, we pride ourselves on carrying only the most state-of-the-art and advanced security camera equipment available at the best retail price out there. We do not work with or carry the lower quality ‘CCTV-in-a-box’ systems you’d find at your local retailers and department stores. These kinds of systems might provide basic and simple CCTV, but are of poor quality, unreliable, cannot be upgraded or expanded, and often lack the most cutting-edge features found in even the most basic of our cameras and recorders. Rather we work with professional, industry-grade equipment that we are happy to be able to provide and a price that’s unbeatable for the quality and features they come with. One of the best things about our equipment is that it is expandable and incompatible with even many- but not all- third-party camera systems out there. That means, that even if you are using equipment purchased elsewhere, a quick chat or call with one of our Sales Pros and they can determine if we can provide you with a security system upgrade, or even a direct replacement. Always talk to a sales pro before making a security system upgrade purchase to be used with third-party equipment to ensure and/or guarantee compatibility. Read on to learn more about our CCTV, and Access control offerings, and don’t hesitate to call in (561-288-5258) or use our live chat if you have any questions!

Coax Cameras and Recorders (DVRs):
Security Camera King carries the high-tech E-Series brand of Recorders and Cameras. This encompasses a wide spectrum of camera and recorder types and features. We carry the newest Digital Video Recorders, more widely known as DVRs. These are usually backward compatible with any HD over Coaxial cameras regardless of the brand so long as the cameras in question are able to use one of the four common video signal types: CVI, TVI, AHD, or CVBS. Additionally, our DVRs can handle Coax cams up to resolutions of even 4k (8 Megapixels) at 10-15 FPS depending on the camera or recorder.

Our Coax Cameras range in features and resolutions as well. We carry Stationary and fixed lense Coax cameras, Motorized zoom, and even Advanced PTZs (Pan/Tilt/Zoom). We also carry a host of mounting equipment, power distribution solutions, power and video cabling for your installation needs. If you’re considering possibly adding IP cameras later on down the line, take note of the fact that our DVRs are hybrid systems and most of them can add some number of IP cameras in addition to, and/or in lieu of some of their COAX channels. Again, always talk to a sales pro for advice or confirmation on what features any given camera or recorder has available.  Here are some of the common features you can expect to find:

  • Motion Detection
  • AI-Powered Smart Motion Detection
  • Infrared Night and Starlight Powered Night Vision

IP Cameras and Recorders (NVRs):
Our most advanced cameras and recorders are our newest IP or network Camera and NVR (Network Video Recorder) offerings. These cameras can be powered by, and transmit their data via a singular Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet (networking) cable. This can be done in a number of ways but is most often handled by either a PoE (power over ethernet) Switch or an onboard POE recorder. Some more advanced PTZs may also require external power, or advanced PoE options like High-PoE and/or PoE+.

These cameras not only offer some of the simplest installation solutions, but also the best quality ease of access and control over their internal settings. Any IP camera placed on a network can be set up to be accessed via a browser for dynamic control over its more advanced internal settings. The same can be said for our NVR systems that work with these advanced IP cameras. When used together, AI (artificial intelligence) powered NVRs and Camera can accomplish incredible security goals such as:

  • Facial Capture And Recognition
  • AI-Powered Perimeter Protection
  • AI-Powered Vehicle Detection
  • AI-Powered License Plate Detection
  • Motion Detection

So what kind of Security Camera System Upgrade, or even totally new system is right for you? We encourage you to talk to one of our Sales Pro to get a more precise answer that directly addresses your needs. However, as a rule of thumb, we would point out that if you have existing Coax cameras installed at your prospective location that are at least 2 megapixels in quality or higher- a DVR and Coax cameras might be more cost-effective. Keep in mind that even if you continue down the Coax camera route rather than converting to IP that our DVRs mostly support Ip cameras also so adding some IP cameras as well, or even later on down the line is still a possibility. If you have no CCTV installed, or your current system is old and/or damaged- we suggest considering an IP camera system and NVR- as these are generally less expensive installations in circumstances that require a totally new system. Ip camera systems also offer the newest features. Here are some features present in all of our systems, regardless of type (NVR vs DVR):

  • Easy to use, local menu control, export, and playback.
  • The ability to set video tours to see multiple views
  • Local access from a PC via browser or Smart PSS viewing software via the local network.
  • Once properly set up- remote access via a PC browser, Smart PSS PC software, and via Elite Viewer Pro Smartphone App for Android or iOS
  • Alarm out Capability for relay based connections
  • Notifications via the EVP app mentioned above on many types of triggers.
  • Free Tech Support for the life of the product!
  • …and more!

Thanks for joining us today as we showcased our options for a Security Camera System Upgrade. For any questions on product compatibility, availability or any other information don’t hesitate to give our Sales Pro’s a call at 561-288-5258 . Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Tutorials and CCTV info. Until Next time, Stay Safe!

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