Security Cameras For Gas Stations
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Security Cameras For Gas Stations

Security cameras for gas stations have become increasingly popular in the past decade with increased chances of crime occurring. Most gas station owners realize that gas stations can be extremely vulnerable to armed robbery. Unfortunately, gas robbery has been on the rise in the last few years.

This is directly tied to increasing gas prices and limited paychecks. There are approximately twenty reported gas stations robberies within a twenty-four hour period according to a Google search on the subject. This new concern means gas station owners must now take responsibility for keeping their business secure and employees safe.

Background Of Security Cameras For Gas Stations

Unfortunately, gas stations have always been vulnerable to robbery and crime, particularly during late night hours. Gas station managers have traditionally implemented security cameras on the outside of the property.

This was done in order to have the biggest monitoring reach possible. However, the limitation of older security camera systems reduced their effectiveness. Older security cameras such as those found in an analog CCTV system had a reduced recording time, were often plagued by poor resolution, and made scalability a challenge.

These limitations could make these old generation security cameras practically useless when they are needed most. Fortunately, a security camera revolution in technology has been occurring for the past decade.

Modern security cameras for gas stations are not limited by the challenging difficulties of the past. Instead, they offer innovative features and capabilities including high-resolution video feeds, remote monitoring, and a plethora of other incredibly useful features.

One major difference in how gas station security cameras are used is that they are no longer limited to monitoring the outside area of the property. Although gasoline theft has increased in recent years, the inside of the gas station remains the most vulnerable area for robbery and crime.

Adopting modern security cameras with digital video recorders can keep this area secure and employees safe. Gas station owners are able to view clear video footage of customers and employees inside the gas station.

It is important to remember that the mere presence of security cameras can deter most criminals from targeting a gas station. This is because criminals have been shown to consistently target the most vulnerable and easiest locations to commit theft and other crimes.

Below are some of the major benefits gas station owners can expect when they adopt modern security cameras to the property.

Best in Class IP Cameras

Remote Viewing Security Cameras For Gas Stations

Gas station owners are no longer need to be on-site to monitor the video feeds of their security cameras. Modern network IP security cameras are connected to the internet through high-speed bandwidths.

This allows gas station owners to utilize remote monitoring technology that allows them to access the video feeds of their security cameras from any internet connected device. Devices include smartphones, tablets, and any other internet connected device. Gas station owners can use this innovative feature to monitor employee productivity and ensure no thefts occur.

Preventing Gasoline Theft With Security Cameras For Gas Stations

As previously mentioned, security cameras for gas stations are able to prevent gasoline theft that has become increasingly common in recent years. Although the inside of the gas station is typically the most vulnerable and targeted area, the outside pumps nevertheless are a target for criminals.

Gas station owners better than most will recognize that the gasoline they sell is vital to the survival and success of the business. Gasoline theft, also known as gas and dash, can put a gas station out of business.

Outdoor security cameras can be mounted on the gas pump islands and can monitor the entire outside area. Modern security cameras can be also equipped with software capable of license plate capture technology.

This means gas station attendants no longer need to worry about putting themselves at risk chasing after gasoline thieves. Whenever someone leaves without paying, the security camera will take a clear image of the vehicle’s license plate number. Gas station attendants can then contact law enforcement with the evidence.

Employee Safety With Security Cameras

The safety of employees and customers should be of paramount importance to gas station owners. No piece of merchandise or money is worth a person’s life. Security cameras for gas stations can protect the safety of employees and customers alike and is an important investment.

Typically, gas stations will have some kind of alarm button placed under the counter that employees can reach during a robbery. It has been shown however that gas station attendants are not always able to press the alarm let alone call the police from a telephone without putting themselves in mortal danger.

Security cameras allow employees to stay safe and not have to confront armed robbers in the unfortunate event that their gas station is targeted. The moment a robbery begins, gas station owners are able to use remote monitoring to see what is occurring.

Immediately, they can contact the police before the robber is even aware. Gas station attendants face a high risk when working late night hours at a gas station. Security cameras reduce the risk to employees and customers keeping both of them safe.

Using Security Cameras For Gas Stations As A Deterrent

As previously mentioned, security camera systems are an incredibly powerful deterrent against criminal behavior. Whenever criminals notice the presence of security cameras they know that they are being monitored.

The last thing criminals want is to leave behind such damning evidence as a high-resolution image of them committing a crime. Security cameras can be mounted in such a way as to keep them plainly visible but out of reach.

Criminals will almost always attempt to rob the easiest target available. Security cameras can reduce if not completely eliminate the threat from criminals.

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Security Cameras For Gas Stations

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