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Security DVR Lockbox With Fan

Sometimes, even your digital video security system requires security; that’s when it’s time to consider a security DVR lockbox with fan.  Not only will it provide security protection for your digital video security equipment, but it also helps to protect it from bumps, bruises, and other human being induced injuries.

A digital video security system is only as good as the central unit, the Digital Video Recorder or DVR.  So it’s important that you provide the DVR with all the protection you can afford, because someday the DVR may return the favor with important saved video footage.

Also, don’t confuse the phrase “security DVR lockbox with Fan” with the phrase “Weatherproof Enclosure with Fan.”  Weatherproof enclosures are normally intended for exactly what their name suggests; protection from the weather and other natural elements.  These enclosures or boxes are almost always used outdoors for a variety of reasons.  They normally contain a rubber or foam gasket around the door to prevent ingress of water, snow, and other material.

A security DVR lockbox with fan on the other hand is not necessarily weather proof.  In fact, lockboxes are seldom ever weather proof.  That’s because lockboxes are designed not to keep weather and other elements from damaging the security equipment.  Instead, they are designed to keep humans from damaging or stealing the security equipment.

When a lockbox is fastened in place either on wall studs, a computer rack, lockbox brackets, or any other steadfast surface, it’s pretty difficult to remove the lock box and contents without damaging it.  That’s the whole idea, of course.  So when installing a lockbox, be certain that the box is attached with adequate fasteners that won’t fail easily and that the box is attached to something solid in the room.

Generally, it’s not necessary to use a security DVR lockbox with fan in the home, but it certainly isn’t a prohibited practice by any means.  Many times residents will purchase and install an elaborate digital video security system with great consideration and care.  They will carefully consider where to mount the cameras, inside and out, how to route the cable, etc.  But they forget about the DVR’s protection from their three children who are just the right ages that they view the DVR as a fun an intriguing toy.

In this case, a security DVR lockbox with fan is definitely a good idea.  The last thing you want to encounter is spending an ample amount of time setting up your new system, only to find out that buttons have pushed, dials have been turned, etc. such that you need to run your set up routine all over again.

This doesn’t apply to just households with young children.  Indeed, there are similar problems in the business industry.

For commercial or business applications, think carefully before installing your system, where the best place is for installing the DVR.  Once again, the last thing you need is to spend your valuable time setting up a system, only to have some curious employees change the settings unknowingly by by pushing buttons, turning dials, etc.

Also, it’s just a good habit to get into to lock the remote control up with the unit in the lockbox as well.  Although the remote control is infrared based and is unlikely to able to make any changes to the DVR inside the lockbox, this practice will help you to keep track of the remote; you’ll always know where to look for it.


So what’s this business with the security DVR lockbox with fan?  A good security lockbox should come with an operational fan.  Once the DVR is placed inside the lockbox and all sides of the box are in place and locked, a small environment has been created for which to operate the DVR.

Most electronic devices emit some sort of energy as a byproduct of their intended functions.  This byproduct is usually heat.  The DVR is such a tight compartment as a lockbox could easily over heat without the proper venting.  In addition, a continuous duty fan can suck fresh air through the lockbox and in the process aid in cooling down and keeping cool, the DVR.

Security Camera King offers two security DVR lockboxes with fans on our on-line catalog.  The only difference between the two is their size.  If you are interested in purchasing a lockbox or have additional questions concerning the lockboxes contact one of our security experts today and they will be glad to help you.


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